In today’s “Meet the Team” series, where we ask our team members to share a personal story on how SpotyPal has helped them in their daily lives, we welcome Nestoras, who is an Account Manager for Spotypal. Nestoras is an avid traveler and he enjoys spending his weekends going on trips with his motorbike. That’s what his SpotyPal story is all about.

“SpotyPal has made a major impact in my life and helped me in so many ways so far. But the one area where it has made the biggest difference is my travels. I love traveling and every weekend -or as often as I possibly can- I ride my motorcycle and visit beautiful destinations in Greece. But there are always so many things I need to carry with me! On every trip I need to have with me: at least one bag with my DSLR camera and lenses, another bag with my go-pro action camera and its equipment, a bag with my waterproof clothes in case it rains and a bag with my personal belongings (wallet, phone, keys etc).

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the house forgetting something behind…

Using SpotyPal’s “not-to forget lists” feature has been a huge time saver!

The only thing I have to do is attach a SpotyPal device to each one of the bags I need to carry with me. Then I simply check my list to see if I’ve remembered to take everything with me before I leave the house. It couldn’t be easier than that and it saved me from lots of frustrating moments during my travels”.

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