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You can now use SpotyPal within your own project by getting advantage of our SpotyPal Software Development Kit (SDK). Develop applications for Android and iOS while implementation for other platforms is coming soon.

Our Research and Development team has put great effort in expanding the ways SpotyPal can help people enhance their daily activities and really upgrade their lives. By using our SDKs and device within a specific project, you can easily get invaluable features, data and metrics.

To be more specific, we have already demonstrated some great results by using SpotyPal in a Big IoT European project by measuring traffic in Turin, Italy.

Within this project, SpotyPal provided additional data sources on traffic condition in Piedmont region, Italy. The results of the study helped to gain valuable insights regarding the traffic conditions in Turin. We identified key areas in the city where traffic flow was troublesome, based on days, hour, and weather conditions. By recognizing areas that need improvement to best address citizen’s needs, the respective authorities can now take action and fix this situation.

This is a great example of incorporating our technology in a large-scale system and helping large communities and organizations to take smarter decisions.

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