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A bridge between your product and the SpotyPal device

Bluetooth trackers, like SpotyPal, can be used in many use cases and can solve various tasks.

You can now incorporate SpotyPal and its functionalities into your own product by getting advantage of the SpotyPal Software Development Kit (SDK).

Available for Android and iOS while implementation for other platforms is coming soon.

What functionality can you add to your product?

By using the SpotyPal SDK and device within your technology product, you can easily add a big variety of features, such as:

 Locate misplaced objects

 Trace last known location of misplaced objects

 Monitor presence

 Create presence check-lists

Prevent from accidental losses

 Enhance personal security

 Smart-home features

 See functionality we have in SpotyPal

Grow faster and become smarter

Why use the SpotyPal SDK?

By using the SpotyPal SDK you can simply create full-featured applications on a particular platform that will operate the SpotyPal device. You can easily incorporate new features, expand the functionality of your own product and create great added value.

Who it is for?

 IT Companies

 Software Developers

Value-added resellers (VAR)

Tech geeks

We can turn your idea into action!

In Terracom, the company behind SpotyPal, we have huge experience in the design and development of technology products. With innovative solutions recognized globally, we have got the acquisition of many international awards and distinctions.

Having a strong and highly qualified R&D team, our company has participated in many national and international R&D projects with prestigious organizations, companies, and educational institutions.

Having an idea is something great. In addition to the SDKs, we can develop, implement and launch your whole project quickly and effectively.

SDK Characteristics

Characteristics of the SpotyPal device

Difference between API and SDK

An API, or Application Programming Interface, allows your application to interact with an external service using a set of commands. Using an API allows developers to add specific functionalities to their applications and can speed up the development process.

An SDK, or Software Development Kit, is a set of tools, guidelines, and programs used to develop applications for a specific platform. SDKs can include APIs, IDE’s, Documentation, Libraries, Code Samples, and other utilities. SDKs boast a set of robust features and functionalities which reduce the complexity of developing programs and applications

How Will the SpotyPal SDK Benefit You and Your Brand?

Great Product + SpotyPal SDK

A Tracking devices with your Private branding

SpotyPal is small, but packed with an amazing set of features that will help them upgrade their lives. And if you want to, you can customize it with your brand’s logo and add a personal touch that really shows your appreciation.

Devices with your own logo

Your Custom packaging

Relevant materials

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to discuss about your idea or project and benefit from SpotyPal SDK by applying it on your own data and activities

You can read SpotyPal Privacy Policy here.

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SpotyPal Features

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SpotyPal Features
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