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Use SpotyPal-technology in your own project

SpotyPal device and technology can be used in a wide variety of use cases and can implement lots of tasks.

SpotyPal is a small battery-operated device, with low power consumption, communicating via Bluetooth Low Energy. This type of wireless communication is very wide-spread and supported in the majority of smartphones and tablets, thus can be easily incorporated into Internet-based services and applications and be provided to an unlimited customer base.

Because of:

 Very low power consumption

 Short connection time

 Small size and weight

Good smartphone and tablet support

 Low cost

The SpotyPal device is a perfect solution for situations where stability, battery life, size, and cost of the hardware are important.

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Examples of Use case possibilities with SpotyPal device

We develop and implement SpotyPal-based projects

A few examples of real projects based on SpotyPal

 Monitoring of traffic conditions

SpotyPal was used in the BIG IoT European project to gather data on the traffic conditions in Turin in order to locate areas needing improvement.

 Localization solution

SpotyPal and BLE gateways were used to monitor the presence of employees at various positions inside a big factory and to assess the time they spend at their working posts in order to calculate their salary.

 Phone anti-loss system

Our devices are used in the Phone anti-loss system, preventing users from losing their smartphones.

We can turn your idea into action

Having an idea is something great. However, moving from idea to action is one of the biggest challenges.

In Terracom, the company behind SpotyPal, we have huge experience in the design and development of technology products. With innovative solutions recognized globally, we have got the acquisition of many international awards and distinctions.

Having a strong and highly qualified R&D team, our company has participated in many national and international R&D projects with prestigious organizations, companies, and educational institutions.

The project’s journey: from idea to product launch

Working closely with you, we develop, implement and launch your custom project quickly and effectively.We dedicate our experience, time, and imagination to give life to your project.

 How do we start?

We help you to get a clear idea of how the product will look like at the end of the development process.
Together we decide the best approach for your project.


We think of you not as a client, but as a partner. Once we understand your ideas and expectations, we consult and guide you based on our best-practices and experience. Afterwards, together we work on the requirements that the product should meet at the end of the project.


This is the core activity of the process. We treat the planning process with high precision in order to determine its scope, workflow, timeframe, and costs. We validate all the necessary details with you and select the team members to form the development team.


At this stage, everything has already been agreed and planned. We can start the actual work to shape what we planned into tangible results. Based on your requirements you will receive periodical reports about your project performance.


This is the most rewarding part of our collaboration. The idea you had in mind becomes a reality thanks to your inspired visionary and our knowledge and experience brought together. You test the product and verify if it’s working as it should. Afterwards, we put the finishing touches according to your feedback, make the final preparations, and deploy the project.


Implementation of your product is just the beginning of the story. After the project has been delivered, we train you and offer Level 2 technical support to solve any issues that may arise. Moreover, we work with you to make any changes to the initial product, develop new features and functionalities, and implement customer feedback.

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