We’ve probably all had that restless moment at home, when looking for the TV controller, car keys, or even the phone. These items could be even harder to find, especially now that most people are indoors, and are bound to misplace them.

Well, the good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way every time we misplace items at home. With the SpotyPal smart tracker, you can easily locate your items at home, saving you time to spend with your loved ones.

How it works

For starters, download the free SpotyPal App on Google Play for Android devices or the App Store for IoS devices, and enable location and Bluetooth services. Ensure you leave the App running so it can communicate with the SpotyPal device.

Next, set up an account on the App and connect it to the SpotyPal device via Bluetooth. Lastly, attach the SpotyPal device your item of choice, and in the event, you misplace it, go to the App, and click “CALL.” You can also locate an item that is out of range by clicking “SHOW MAP,” which directs you to the last place you had it.

How we can use SpotyPal at home

Finding the TV controller

When was the last time you tried to locate your TV controller? Well, the answer would be “a few minutes ago” for a good number of people. Save yourself the angst by using SpotyPal to locate your remote control. Start by downloading the App on your devices so you can use any of them to locate your items. Set up an account and connect it to a SpotyPal device, then attach it to the tv controller. When you misplace it, just go to the App and click CALL to locate the controller.

Finding the car keys

In some countries around the world, there is a limited time to be outdoors during this quarantine period. As such, you wouldn’t want the mundane task of locating your car keys to derail you. You can easily find your car keys by attaching the SpotyPal device to them and using the Android or IoS app to locate them.

Finding your wallet

You probably will not be using your wallet at home, but you might need it while heading out. Also, you might need to use your debit or credit card while shopping online. To locate your wallet more easily, place a SpotyPal device inside, or attach it to the side of the wallet. Next, connect the device to your SpotyPal App on your phone and use it to locate the wallet when misplaced. If you can’t find your wallet in the house, click “SHOW MAP” which will direct you to the last place you had the wallet.

Finding your phone

It is easier to misplace your phone at home than it is outdoors. While at home, you probably want to spend most of your time connecting with loved ones, and sometimes the phone is usually the last thing on your mind. Also, kids can easily misplace your phone while using it, and you can bet it’s hard to find a phone misplaced by kids. It could be anywhere. With SpotyPal, you can save yourself this hustle. All you need to do is attach a SpotyPal device to your phone and use the SpotyPal App downloaded on another device to locate it.

What makes SpotyPal different?

You can use SpotyPal as an alarm clock: With SpotyPal, there is no need to have the phone at your bedside all night long. You can set the alarm on the SpotyPal App and only carry the SpotyPal device to bed. SpotyPal will wake you up with soft high pitched beeps.

Crowd finding: With SpotyPal, you can use the “finding community” on the App to locate a misplaced item. When you report a missing item to the finding community, your SpotyPal will connect with a SpotyPal user within the item’s range. Their App will then message your App reporting the location of the item.

SOS alerts: If you are in danger either at home or outdoors, you can press the button on your SpotyPal device, which sends an SOS alert with your GPS location to selected users. You have to, however, set up SOS alert via the App.

Sleek and lightweight design: The SpotyPal device weighs only about 10 grams, and measures 36mm by 36mm. As such, it is convenient to carry around when attached to an item. The device is also available in three colors; red, white, and black, to match your preferences.


In a nutshell, SpotyPal is a handy device to have around at home, especially during this quarantine period when everyone is at home. Keep the entertainment on by easily locating your remote controllers, and locate your car keys with ease while going shopping.