Two-way Separation Alert

What is better than finding your belongings? Never lose them.

If you accidentally leave your items behind your smartphone will start ringing to reminds you.
The best part is that if you leave your phone behind your SpotyPal will start ringing.

Be stressless and let the SpotyPal keep your daily stuff safe!

Last Seen Location

What if you can’t remember where you left your keys or where you parked your car? Take your phone and check on the map to see your missing item’s last known location or where you parked your car.

Panic Button

In case of danger, press the SpotyPal’s button and your connected smartphone will send SOS-alerts with your message and the most important, your location to predefined users. Be safe at any time at any place.

Find your missing item

Do you often waste your timing looking where your wallet or your keys are? Not any more! Simply, use your phone to ring them and find them immediately!

Find your phone

One of the worst feelings is when you realize that you have left your phone somewhere and you can’t find it. No worries, use your SpotyPal to ring it and find it immediately even if it is on silence.

Share your device

Sharing your keys with your mate? SpotyPal allows multiple users to use the same device. Keep them safe whoever the user is.

Not to forget lists

Create lists with items you want to have with you and make sure you have not left anything behind. Let SpotyPal make the hard work for you!

Nearby Alert

You know that your keys are misplaced somewhere near you but you can’t find them. Set your smartphone to notify you when it re-establishes its connection with your SpotyPal. Save your time and your patience for more important things than searching for your keys.

Crowd Finding

If your item gets lost don’t worry. There are still many possibilities to find it. Report it to the Crowd-Finding Community to help you find it. It is better when we help each other especially when you have nothing to do about it.

Device Alarm Clock

It is better to sleep away from your phone but you can’t, because you use it as a wake-up alarm. Problem solved! Use the Alarm in the App and the SpotyPal device will wake you up.

* temporarily available only for Android devices

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