Find your missing item

Launch the app, ring the device and you will find it.


Find your phone

Use the device to ring your phone, even if it is on silent.


Last Seen Location

Check on the map to see your missing item’s last known location if it gets out of range


Not to forget lists

Create lists with items you want to have with you and make sure you have not left anything behind.

Device Alarm Clock

Use the Alarm in the App and the SpotyPal device will wake you up.

* temporarily available only for Android devices

Two-way Separation Alert

Get notified if you accidentally leave your items or phone behind.


Share your device

Sharing your keys with your mate? SpotyPal allows
multiple users to use the same device.

SOS Alerts

In case of danger, press the button on your device to send an SOS alert with your location to predefined users.

Nearby Alert

Get notified when your smartphone re-establishes its connection with your device

Crowd Finding

If your item gets lost and the attached device is out of range, report it to the Crowd-Finding Community to help you find it.

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SpotyPal Features

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