arrow 1. Make schedules and deadlines

The first and most important tip for an organized life is keeping a schedule, a routine. Organized people don’t waste time. They know that in order to stay productive, they need to keep a schedule for the day, the week, even the entire month. They are used to keeping track of stuff, setting goals and deadlines and, most importantly, they try to stick to them.

A good way to keep a schedule is to spend a few minutes every week and plan for the days ahead. Write short lists of what needs to be done and always be prepared.

arrow 2. Write things down

Staying in line with our first tip, writing things down is our second piece of advice. The reason is simple: we are all so busy in our daily lives that memorizing everything is simply impossible. Whether it’s something simple, like a shopping list, or something more important like a business meeting or a birthday, keeping a note of them somewhere will help you stay organized.

Of course, we don’t mean that you have to use pen and paper if that’s not your thing. There are many apps that you could use as well.

arrow 3. Give everything a home

If your space is organized, your life will be more balanced as well. Try to have dedicated spaces for every item, store things properly and have a labeling system in place to locate them more easily.

By the end of each day, spend a few minutes going around the house and picking up scattered items. Return them to their dedicated places to keep your house clean and tidy. Also, make sure that your entire family is aware of your organizing system and that they know which item goes where.

arrow 4. Keep only what you need and declutter regularly

Living in a cluttered space can cause you lots of anxiety. Cluttered houses are much harder to clean as well. Organized people don’t accumulate unnecessary stuff. They keep only what they truly need.

Try to go through your things regularly and get rid of anything that isn’t necessary. Donate, recycle or sell the stuff you don’t really need anymore and you’ll be surprised of how much simpler your life will be.

arrow 5. Get a SpotyPal

Finally, if you are really looking to upgrade your life, get a SpotyPal. Its unique set of features will help you in every aspect of your life. No more spending time looking for misplaced keys, for your wallet or your laptop. Simply attach a device to the items you want to keep track of and then use the app in your smartphone to locate everything quickly and efficiently.

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