Our partnership programs are designed to help your business get profit from our technology solution.

Resale & Distribution

Get profit from reselling or distributing SpotyPal. We offer a great margin and unique benefits to our partners.

Your Benefits

 A unique product

SpotyPal offers unique features, applicable in many cases of everyday life.

SpotyPal is much more than a common Item finder. Stuff and smartphone anti-loss protection, SOS-alerts enhancing personal safety are unique benefits, offered with one small gadget.

Multiple uses, unlimited target group, sales for your business.


We help you build your inventory based on your needs. Flexibility on the ordered quantities, accompanied with discounts based on the volume of the purchase. We don’t have a minimum order quantity.

 Marketing Support

You will be offered marketing content (brochures, presentations, user guides, videos, etc.) and our assistance in building your marketing plans and activities.


We offer training on our product features to best support end customers, with the use of explanatory materials, guides, and webinars.

 Profit and unique privileges

Start with a good profit margin and see it grow up as your sales expand. With no minimum order quantity, your business can grow with the rhythm and flexibility you choose.

SDK Integration

You can easily incorporate the SpotyPal device and its functionalities into your own product by getting advantage of the SpotyPal Software Development Kit (SDK). Our SDK is designed to simplify and accelerate application development, and it includes the core functionalities of SpotyPal.

Your Benefits

 Great added value

You expand the functionality of your own product.

 Rich set of features

There is a big variety of features to include and offer within your product.


SpotyPal is a stable device, meeting the highest standards in the industry.

 Deploy faster

Shorten the sales cycle because SDK makes integrating with the existing product much easier.

 Fewer risks. Faster growth.

You own brand on the devices.

 Custom-branded devices

You own brand on the devices.

Examples of functionality to add to your own product

 Make stuff findable

 Anti-loss protection


Presence monitoring

 Custom actions with button clicks

 Smarthome features

 Personal SOS-button



Custom Projects

SpotyPal technology and devices can be used in a wide variety of use cases.

We can implement and launch your SpotyPal-based project quickly and effectively.

Having a huge experience in the design and development of technology products, we have participated in many national and international R&D projects with prestigious organizations, companies, and educational institutions.

We work closely with you, develop, implement and launch your custom project quickly and effectively. We inspire and educate you!

Your Benefits

White Label

A unique opportunity to invest in a tracking system that will carry your own identity and will be fully supported.

Building a solution from scratch in an attempt to meet the exact specifications of your business can be a risky path. It may slow down your time to market significantly and require too much money.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Opt for a white label solution, rather than building one yourself. Get a fully supported product and avoid any problem you may encounter.

A White Label solution is much easier than building your own!

Your Benefits

 It’s quick and easy to brand

You get your own branded system and your custom-branded devices


We help you build your inventory based on your needs. Flexibility on the ordered quantities, accompanied with discounts based on the volume of the purchase. We don’t have a minimum order quantity.

 It offers you a reliable top-class solution

Based on our best-practices and fully supported. You avoid technical difficulties and faults.

 It allows you to focus on your business

we take over all the technical part

we prepare and handle your app stores

we do system maintenance

we train and support you

we use only best practices

Built-in SpotyPal

Make your product smarter by building in the SpotyPal technology

Your product can become findable and anti-loss protected. Our engineers will work with you in order to integrate the device into your product.

Another feature to incorporate is the SOS button, enhancing personal protection.

As for the app, there are many options to choose from. Your product can show up in the SpotyPal app or read about our SDK , White label, and Custom projects .

Examples: you can built-in into a wallet, a bag, a piece of technology, sports equipment

Corporate gift

SpotyPal, branded with your company logo or message, will make a great gift for business associates or employees.

It is a great option if you want to gift something meaningful and simultaneously useful in everyday life.

Elegant and extraordinary, it will leave a lasting positive impression on everybody.

Apart from your logo, you can ask for custom packaging and even custom product color.

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