1. Buy your SpotyPal device

Wireless Key Finder - White Device


Wireless Key Finder - Navy Blue Device

Navy Blue

Wireless Key Finder - Red Device


2. Download the Free SpotyPal app

Download the Mobile Application for free from the App store or Google Play.

3. Enable Bluetooth and Location

 Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone to communicate with the device.

 Turn on Location services to have most up-to-date information about your device location.

enable Bluetooth and location
connect device and smarpthone

4. Connect your device

Open the SpotyPal app.

 Tap on the “+” button.

 Press the button located on the device while you hold the device close to your phone. You will hear a beeping sound and the LED will start flashing.

Go to the App and click the “OK! I DID IT” button to connect.

5. Attach your device

You are now ready to attach your device to the item you want to protect.

attach your device
SpotyPal application in background

6. Keep your device and app connected

 Leave the app running to keep communication with your device.

7. Use SpotyPal

Use the SpotyPal application and get advantage of its unique features.

Wireless Key Finder - White Device

SpotyPal User Guide

Need more help? Download our SpotyPal user guide here!

Get your SpotyPal

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SpotyPal Features

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