Losing your luggage can certainly ruin your trip and cause you anxiety.

With the Easter holidays ahead of us, we are sure that many of you are planning on going on a trip. One of the biggest fears that you may have is losing your luggage, your wallet, your phone or any other valuable item you are carrying with you.

Are you tired of this situation?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that we can help because bluetooth trackers, like SpotyPal, are considered to be one of the game changing travel gadgets.

So how can SpotyPal  (or any other Bluetooth Tracker) be used as a luggage tracker?

Let’s find out!

arrow Use Not to Forget Lists

Your trip begins seconds before you leave your house. How many times have you stood by the door, trying to mentally go through all the things you had to take with you? Your passport, your phone, your wallet, your camera, these are just a few of the stuff you’ll need. The Not to Forget lists feature is making your life easier: just attach a SpotyPal device to each of the items you need to take with you. In your smartphone’s app, check the list you created to see if all the items have been packed. And of course, you can do the same when you are leaving your hotel to head back home.

arrow Use Two way separation alert

Using the two way separation alert, SpotyPal will ring and flash as soon as you move away from your bag or suitcase, preventing you from leaving it behind. In case you are in a noisy place, you can also configure the Spotypal app so as to receive an immediate alert on you smartphone that your item is out of your range. It will also ring and flash if someone else tries to grab it and run away from you and thus you can take action immediately. The two way Separation alert is a unique SpotyPal feature which you can take advantage of to never leave your items behind.

arrow Use Nearby Alert Feature

With this feature enabled, Spotypal will send a nearby alert to your smartphone when your luggage are getting into your range. For example, you can use it while waiting at the baggage corridor. The device will ring and flash as soon as your suitcase gets closer, making sure that you won’t miss it or mistake it with someone else’s.

It means that you can now drink your coffee and not stare at the corridor all the time.

Just wait to receive the nearby alert on your smartphone.

arrow Use Crowd Finding Feature

Last but not least, if your luggage or another personal item is lost or misplaced, you can take advantage of the Crowd Funding feature and other SpotyPal users will help you locate it very easily.

How does it work?

You just mention in your app that your item is lost. If any other SpotyPal user gets within the range of your item, you will get an immediate alert on your smartphone indicating its location!

So, we just mentioned all the possible ways to use Spotypal as a luggage tracker device.

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