Keep your valuable stuff always with you

 A smart Bluetooth Finder on your hands

SpotyPal is your daily assistant to help you locate and find your personal items. Attach the SpotyPal device to any item and get relaxed that you will get immediate notifications on your smartphone whenever you leave something behind.

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Bluetooth key finder
Best Key Finder

The Best Key Finder

Attach SpotyPal on your keys and find them the easy way whenever you left them behind.


A smart Wallet Tracker

Losing your wallet costs. Not only time to find it back but also money. Your SpotyPal device will locate it immediately and get your money back.

Best Wallet Tracker

Get help from the crowd

Join SpotyPal community and let the crowd help you find your items.

The Ultimate Bluetooth Finder

Locate your items and never leave your valuables behind.

Connect it to Any Smartphone

Just download the SpotyPal app for free on your smartphone. Connect your SpotyPal devices and your precious items will never be left behind again. SpotyPal will now keep an eye on them for you!

SpotyPal Features

Choose Your Favorite Style

SpotyPal is available in 3 different colors. Choose your ideal style to match it smoothly with your personal stuff.

Bluetooth Key Finder - White Device


Bluetooth Key Finder - Navy Blue Device

Navy Blue

Bluetooth Key Finder - Red Device


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SpotyPal Features

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SpotyPal Features