Forgetting items is common when traveling and while there are various things you can do, in terms of planning, you will most likely forget to pack a few things. The experience is even worse when you end up losing valuable items, which can happen at the airport or in your hotel room. Fortunately, SpotyPal is here to help travelers and ensure you forget or lose nothing on your next vacation. If you have been looking for the best luggage tracker in the market, look no further. This item tracker is definitely the best travel gadget for those prone to forgetting a few things when vacationing

What is SpotyPal?

SpotyPal is a Bluetooth item tracker that notifies you whenever you move away from your items. Once you attach the device to whatever item you want to track (briefcase, camera, wallet, keys), you can use the app on your smartphone to determine the exact locations of where those items are. SpotyPal comes with various features that make it invaluable when traveling. 

SpotyPal isn’t your average travel gadget. Whether you need an alarm to wake you up on your travel day or seek safety features and SOS alerts, the item tracker is packed with excellent features to meet these needs.

Useful Features

Below you will find some of the most useful SpotyPal features for travelers:

1. Not-To-Forget List

Since your trip starts before you leave home, SpotyPal is built to help you make sure every item on your travel list is packed. Simply outline all the things you need to bring to your vacation and stick the SpotyPal device on each item. The app allows you to create lists with items you want to have with you, so you don’t forget them when you leave for the airport. If you forget any, the app will set off an alert alarm on your phone. With SpotyPal, all you need to remember is your phone. Anything else on the travel list is covered, provided you stick the device on each item you plan to bring to the trip. You can also use it to ensure you pack all items you plan to bring back home from vacation.

2. Nearby Alert

Travelers no longer have to keep looking at arriving luggage at the baggage claim corridor. Simply enable the Nearby Alert feature and it will send an alert to your smartphone when your luggage is getting within range. The ring and flash notifications are impossible to miss and activates as soon as your suitcase is in close range, so you won’t mistake it with someone else’s. The Nearby Alert feature is also helpful when you are searching for misplaced items. For instance, if you can’t remember where you packed the camera, you can use the feature as you navigate the hotel or vacation house.

3. Two-Way Separation

This is another exciting feature useful for travelers. The two-way separation feature activates an alert whenever the tracked item is getting out of range, so you won’t leave your items behind. You can configure the app to send a notification immediately the item is out of range. What’s more, the gadget will flash if someone tries to grab it and run off, allowing you to react immediately. The Two-Way Separation feature is perfect for camping adventures and other activities that leave you exhausted and forgetful.

4. Crowd Finding

The crowd finding feature will help you locate lost items with the help of other SpotyPal users. You can share the app with other devices and have people help you to locate the lost items. If any user gets within range of the gadget, you will get a notification alert on your phone about its location. All you need to do is mention that your luggage or item is lost and that SpotyPal will automatically send a notification when another user finds it.

More Features for Travelers

SpotyPal doesn’t stop at luggage tracking. The travel gadget has various other features that will make your vacation more convenient and safe. You can use SpotyPal to ring your phone even if it is silent and it includes a Last Seen location if you can’t remember where you left an item. The SpotyPal app also works as an alarm that can be set a bit louder if you love to keep your phone far from your bed. For safety, SpotyPal features SOS alerts you can deploy with a press of a button. The app will send a message to a predefined number as soon as you press the button. You can also share SpotyPal with multiple users, which is great when searching for misplaced items in large crowded spaces.


SpotyPal is a must-have if you are planning a vacation. It is the best travel gadget in a long time and ensures you keep track of all items you are bringing to the trip. You can attach the device to anything, including keys, wallets, luggage, and other valuable items. If you are concerned about your items’ safety or fear that you will forget the essential things required for your trip, SpotyPal will help you track every item independently. It is also compatible with most smartphones and the app is light on your device.