Why should I choose SpotyPal bluetooth tracker

It’s true. There is a bunch of key finders and key trackers out there. If you are already convinced that you should get a Bluetooth tracker, you may have another question for us: Why should I choose SpotyPal and not another tracking device? Let’s have a look at the table below:

Feature SpotyPal
Find your Item
Find your Smartphone
Last known location
Share device
Crowd Finding
Separation Alert
Not to forget lists Unique
Wake up alarm Unique
Nearby alert Unique
Panic button Unique
Two-way separation alert Unique

Why us?

Stay calm that all your belongings will be there when you need them

With SpotyPal you don’t just ring your items to find where you left them. You will be always sure that you will never lose them. You won’t leave your valuable items and smartphone behind again.

Stay safe at any time at any place

In case of an urgent situation, just press the Spotypal button and it will automatically connect with your smartphone to send SOS alerts to your beloved ones with your message and your location.

You ask, we answer: SpotyPal vs other trackers

Ok, there are a few exceptional Bluetooth tracker devices out there and it’s inevitable to wonder: Why should I choose SpotyPal? Before we answer this question, let’s see why do you need a smart Bluetooth tracker.

Bluetooth trackers help you find your items

Just think how many times you ‘ve lost or misplaced your keys, your wallet or your smartphone.

It doesn’t matter if you face this problem once per month or 3 times a day! In any case, bluetooth trackers – just like SpotyPal – help you find your items immediately. So, if you often find yourself looking for your keys or wallet, a bluetooth finder will be your next best friend!

Ok, you got it! Bluetooth trackers should be an indispensable part of your daily life if you cannot constantly focus on your valuable belongings and stuff. But how can you choose which one is the best for you?

There are a bunch of Bluetooth trackers on the market and it is really hard to distinguish the best one, as the most of them have similar features and vary just in shape, graphics and sizes.

So, we know that your next question is why choose SpotyPal as your daily personal assistant and not another well known and well established bluetooth tracker. Let’s find out by doing a little comparison!

SpotyPal bluetooth finder
SpotyPal bluetooth tracker

Upgrade to SpotyPal

Your personal assistant to protect yourself and keep your valuable items secure

Other Bluetooth trackers also have stable applications, which work on both Apple iOs and Android devices and have no connectivity issues.

When it comes to the available app features, SpotyPal is the dominant device.

SpotyPal, like most Bluetooth tracking devices, work both ways — you can use the app on your phone to trigger an alert in order to find your belongings or you can use a button on the device to trigger an alert on your phone, even if it is on silent. If the device is out of range, the app will show its last position on the map. Last but not least, you can report a lost item on the system and if any other SpotyPal user comes near it, he will be immediately notified of the lost item’s location.

Additional SpotyPal Features

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