It’s time for another “Meet the Team” series, where we ask our team members to share a personal story on how SpotyPal has helped them in their daily lives. Today we welcome Christos, who is one of the developers in SpotyPal’s team. The hero in his story is no other than his beautiful husky, Hector, who has made many appearances on our social media!

“Since I started working on SpotyPal’s app, I’ve been using the device in many circumstances in my daily life. Whether that is to find where I parked my car or to keep track of my phone and keys, this Bluetooth tracker has been a major help for someone as busy as I am. But there is someone else in my life that is enjoying his SpotyPal even more than I am. That is my dog, Hector!

Ever since he was a puppy, I bought him his own device. He has learned to identify its sound and knows that whenever SpotyPal rings, he has to come closer to me. It’s been a great way to teach him not to run far away and I can always feel safe that whenever he runs further than he should have, my phone will ring to notify me and I can command him to come back.

Even though SpotyPal is not a GPS tracker, its two way separation alert feature has allowed me to go on long walks with my dog and take him off his leash, without fearing that I will lose him. Apart from that, I also know that I can take advantage of the crowd finding feature if Hector ever goes missing. The SpotyPal around his neck will allow other users to anonymously track him and notify me of his location, should he ever run away from me”.