According to a study conducted by the UK Post Office, more than 50% of users in Britain feel anxious when their phones are lost or when they have no internet connection. They coined the term Nomophobia, an abbreviation for No-Mobile-Phone phobia. In the US alone, more than 60% suffer from this fear. Thankfully, there are effective ways to help people manage nomophobia.

This is where SpotyPal, a Bluetooth tracker, comes in.

Never Lose Your Phone Again

Spotypal is a Bluetooth tracker device that ensures you will never lose your phone ever again. It’s an excellent solution to managing nomophobia. This device features an extremely useful two-way separation alert. If you left your phone at home, SpotyPal will start ringing to remind you that you forgot it. Because it’s 2-way, your phone also will start ringing when you left your device at home.

The best part is it doesn’t only serve as a phone finder. SpotyPal also is an item finder. This means you will never have to worry about leaving all your necessities at home. If you leave something behind, it will beep to remind you that you left something. You may customize the separation alert: you can either have a notification or a sound alert.

If you can’t remember where you placed your phone, just press SpotyPal and your phone will ring. Take note: It will ring Even On Silent Mode. When your phone is far from your current location, it will show you the last location or position on the map. You can even report your phone or any lost item in the SpotyPal system and when a SpotyPal user is near it, you will be notified of your phone’s current location.

You will never have to worry when you are super busy with paperwork or if you are at a party, you’ll always know where your phone is with SpotyPal.

One Bluetooth Tracker with All the Use Features

It can be frustrating when you forget something, especially your phone. When you use SpotyPal, you can list the items that you need and check whether you have left some of them behind. This will come in handy when you are traveling. It will serve as your checklist for all the travel items you’ll need. While at the airport, you can also use the device for tracking whether your luggage is already nearby. 

Also, the device wake up alarm will come in handy, especially when you have an important meeting the next day and you forgot to charge your phone.

Most importantly, you are always safe with SpotyPal. When there is an emergency, you only need to press the panic button in your SpotyPal device and it automatically connects to your phone. It will instantly inform all your loved ones about your urgent message.

Say Goodbye to Nomophobia

Losing your phone (or the thought of losing your phone) doesn’t only trigger anxiety to most people, it can be pretty disappointing and frustrating too. Imagine losing all your memorable pictures and videos, messages and even important information. It’s even worse when you do not have a backup for all these — when all you have is your mobile phone for storing everything.

You can completely eliminate all these worries with the SpotyPal device. This phone finder is so handy and very easy to set up. It’s also extremely user-friendly. With this tracker, you will never have to worry about experiencing nomophobia ever again. So long as you familiarize yourself with all its helpful features, you can use SpotyPal with all your other important belongings.

There’s More to SpotyPal than Meets the Eye

All Bluetooth trackers function the same. They help you find any of your lost items.

SpotyPal stands out from the rest of the Bluetooth trackers in the market today as it has unique features that most Bluetooth trackers lack. It serves as your panic button, wake up alarm and nearby alert. You won’t even have to worry about losing your SpotyPal device because of its useful two-way separation alert. Come to think of the benefits that you will get, nothing compares to SpotyPal. By far, it is the best tracker in the market.

With SpotyPal, you are assured that everything will be fine. All your important things will be there when you need them. Your mind is always at ease. Most importantly, your phone will always be with you. If you’re one of those people who constantly panic about losing their phone, this definitely is the best device for you. You need this so you never will have to worry about losing anything ever again.