There are many situations in life where you or those you love might be in danger or in need of assistance. The world is in the grips of COVID-19 and almost unrecognizable compared to the world we knew a few short weeks ago. Whether you are working longer shifts and traveling home after dark, have an elderly relative self-isolating or you are an employee with lone remote workers, you might be worried about safety issues that could put you and others at risk.

SpotyPal is a Bluetooth tracking device that puts you in control of the situation. Unlike other similar devices, this small but powerful tracker has a secret weapon – a panic button that will sound an alarm in a very unique and effective way.

The SpotyPal Panic Button – Peace of Mind for Everybody

Feeling Under Threat? Send the Alert

What would you do if you thought you were being followed? Call somebody on your phone? Quicken your pace? Seek help from a passerby? But what if you couldn’t get to your phone easily, your pursuer matches your pace or there is nobody in your direct vicinity? With lockdown in full effect, the latter is a very real possibility. Hopefully, you will never find yourself in such a frightening situation but if you do, it is reassuring to know there is help at hand.

With one press of its panic button, SpotyPal gets to work immediately, sending an email to your list of predefined contacts. Whether you have chosen to include your mom, dad, partner, siblings, friends or colleagues on this list, they will receive an alert that tells them where you are. In an emergency, this information could be crucial.

Be Found When Lost

SpotyPal can also be invaluable if you get lost. Whether you have taken a wrong turn or you’re stuck without any transportation home, pressing the panic button will alert your SOS contacts where you are so that they can find you or give you directions and get you home as soon as possible. Whether you have a terrible sense of direction or you are using public transport for the first time and unfamiliar with your route, SpotyPal’s panic button will give you peace of mind in your pocket or purse.

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Keep Elderly Relatives Safe

If you have an elderly relative at home alone, it can be an especially worrying time when you cannot visit them easily. But with SpotyPal, they will always have the means to sound the alert if they get into difficulty. Whether they have a medical emergency or are simply feeling confused or uneasy, it is reassuring for them and you that they can get in touch if something happens. Just remember to make sure you include your details in their predefined contacts list and have access to your emails.

Protect Remote Workers

As COVID-19 continues to plunge the world of business into uncertainty, many employees are working from home. Some of these employees may be working at home alone. Just as you would have policies in place to protect employees in the workplace, SpotyPal can also fulfill the same duty of care for lone employees working at home.

We sincerely hope that you never need to use SpotyPal’s panic button, but if you do, you can be sure that assistance from your SOS contacts will be on the way. With SpotyPal, you are never alone.