Do you have a morning routine that works? Most people do the same things every morning, subconsciously. However, morning routines are not always healthy. If you find yourself reaching for your smartphone to go through emails or social media updates, it is time to improve your morning routine. Distractions in the morning do not only slow you down but also suck up your energy.

Keep reading to learn about a few tips to reclaim your mornings.

Wake Up 15 minutes earlier

Starting your day early improves your productivity and concentration. You can perform essential tasks without having to worry about interruptions from other members of your household. Waking up 15 minutes earlier means you will be early for school or work. It also means that you can start doing your daily duties without interruption from colleagues. Your brain is most alert in the morning, so you can think more clearly and make better decisions. You will have more energy throughout the day, and you can achieve most of your goals for the day. If your current morning routine has you rushing through your morning, consider waking up a few minutes earlier.

Prepare the Night Before

Preparing the night before gives you time to go through your morning routine with no rush. You are unlikely to forget anything if you get everything ready before going to bed. Before going to bed, think about the things you usually rush to do in the morning. Create a checklist for everything you need to do or bring with you.

SpotyPal is a planning device that may transform your morning routine. You can use it to create not to forget lists with the items you wish to carry with you when you leave in the morning. SpotyPal does the hard work for you. The two-way separation alert feature helps you find belongings. If, for example, you leave an important item behind, your smartphone will start ringing to remind you. Your smartphone will start ringing if you forget it.

The item finder feature comes in handy when you misplace items such as your keys or wallets. Set your phone to send you a notification when it establishes a connection on SpotyPal. It saves you a lot of time. Instead of wasting time looking for your keys or wallet, you can use it to do something more productive. If you lose your items, the Crowd Finding Community may help you find them.

Start with exercise

Start every day with exercise. Physical activity is good for both your physical and mental health. It triggers the release of hormones that kick start your energy and improve your mood. Research suggests that being exposed to early morning light can make you feel more awake all through the day. It promotes your performance on the job, fights fatigue, and improves your stamina. People who exercise have more energy and endurance to remain active throughout the job. Exercising at least three times a week may boost your energy levels by up to 20%. It can reduce fatigue by up to 65%.

Focus Your Positive Energy

A great way to start your morning is by taking some time to focus some positive energy to get you through the day. Some ways to achieve it include meditation, affirmations, and visual exercises. Regular meditation puts in you in a good mood to start the day. It can improve your immune system and relieve stress.

Eat a healthy breakfast

No matter how busy your mornings may be, it is important to make time for a healthy breakfast. Even though it is easy to skip breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day. It jumpstarts your metabolism, making it possible to burn lots of calories throughout the day. Breakfast should give you a minimum of 25% of your daily nutrition and energy needs. It should be rich in protein and fiber. Opt for whole fruits rather than juices to maximize your fiber intake. Other high-fiber food options include oats, whole-grain cereals, and vegetables. They will keep you full for longer. Protein foods include eggs, beans, cheese, and nuts. Limit your consumption of sugary and processed food during breakfast.

Many people rush through their mornings and skip breakfast because they have no time to prepare it. The goal should be to prepare your ingredients before going to bed. If you have limited time to sit down and eat, pack something to go.

Stick to a Plan

Once you have come up with your new morning routine, stick to it. It is useless to have a plan if you are not going to follow through with it. Doing the same things in the same order every morning takes the stress out of your mornings.


In conclusion, your morning routine affects the rest of your day. It influences your productivity, concentration, and mood. SpotyPal device is a unique choice for organizing your routine. It ensures that you do not forget anything and makes it possible to find missing items. You can attach it to anything, including your wallet, luggage, and keys. It is compatible with most smartphones, and you can track different items independently.