One of SpotyPal’s unique features is using it as a panic button to send SOS alerts in case of an emergency.

For a few weeks now, the whole world has collectively been asked to stay home to help with the outbreak of the COVID-19.  Let’s assume that your elderly beloved ones stay alone at home and they suddenly feel uncomfortable but are not capable of picking up their phone and calling for help.

Well, SpotyPal can assist them in the easiest way! All they have to do is press the button on the device and SpotyPal will immediately send a SOS alert (via e-mail) to their predefined contacts.

Just one button-click and SpotyPal will do the rest.

At SpotyPal, we have been following closely the current situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and we would like to express our solidarity to all the people who are affected and especially to all the patients and healthcare personnel (doctors, nurses etc.) who are fighting against the new coronavirus. Remember, there is no reason to panic. By following the medical experts’ instructions and recommendations, we will ensure personal and public health and get back to our daily routine soon!

Take care and stay safe!