On average, people spend at least 10 minutes looking for lost items every day. Unfortunately, losing or misplacing everyday items and spending time looking for them can be quite a stressful experience. Therefore, by investing in smart solutions that can help you trace your missing items with ease, you can significantly improve the quality of your life. An example of such an item is the SpotyPal item finder. Unlike other item finders, which are primarily meant to help you trace your missing items, SpotyPal has the two-way separation alert feature, which is designed to help you avoid losing your things in the first place.

But what exactly is the two-way separation alert, and how can it be of help to you?

What is the Two-way Separation Alert?

For you to understand what the two-way separation alert is, you need to understand how SpotyPal works. The device is attached to the item you are afraid of losing. Then you need to install the SpotyPal app on your Smartphone. The application is linked to the device, and therefore, if the item on which it has been attached goes missing, you can use your Smartphone to locate it. Similarly, if you have misplaced your Smartphone, you can use the SpotyPal device to find it. The two-way separation alert is a SpotyPal feature that is designed to help you proactively avoid losing your phone and the items on which the device is attached.

How SpotyPal’s Two-way Separation Alert Can Help You

There are many situations in which SpotyPal’s two-way separation alert can come in handy. Some examples of such situations include:

Never Lose Your Car Keys

Car keys have gone high tech, and this means that replacing them when they get lost is no longer as easy as it used to be. For instance, to prevent theft, modern car keys have transponders that are designed to communicate electronically with vehicles. Therefore, your car cannot respond to a key if it is not programmed to match it. This means that replacing a lost car key is no longer a quick, cheap trip to the hardware stores. The process is now more time-consuming, and it can cost you hundreds of dollars. The good news is that by investing in a SpotyPal device, the risk of losing your car key can significantly be reduced. 

The SpotyPal’s two-way separation alert will ensure that you are alerted in case you leave your car keys behind. For instance, if you forget your car key in a shop, the device and your phone will ring to alert you before going too far.

Never Forget Your Wallet in a Restaurant

Losing a wallet is quite a common problem. About two in every three people have had their wallets lost or stolen. In a lot of cases, people forget their wallets on restaurant counters or tables. The good news is that by investing in the SpotyPal item finder, you can rest assured that you will never forget your wallet in a restaurant. By attaching the SpotyPal device to the wallet, you will be sure that if you happen to forget your wallet in a restaurant, the phone will ring as you go away from the wallet to ensure that you are alerted before going far away. Similarly, if you forget your phone on the restaurant’s table or counter, the device will ring as you move away from the phone. As such, by investing in a SpotyPal item finder, you can significantly reduce the risk of forgetting and losing your wallet in a restaurant.

Avoid forgetting your Laptop bag in a Coffee

Hundreds of thousands of laptops are lost every year. Therefore, if you own a laptop, there is a significant risk of losing it. One of the ways in which you are likely to lose your laptop is by forgetting your laptop bag at a coffee shop. To prevent such an eventuality, you have to come up with a way of ensuring that you do not leave your laptop bag behind. One way of doing this is by attaching a SpotyPal device to the laptop bag. This will ensure that your Smartphone rings to alert you before you go far if you leave your laptop bag behind. As such, SpotyPal’s two-way separation alert will go a long way in helping avoid losing your bag in a coffee shop.

Avoid Forgetting your Keys at Work or Home

How many times have you driven all the to your workplace only to realize that you left your office key at home, or arrived at home from work only to find out you do not have the keys to your house? This is quite a common problem, and it can really waste your time and stress you out. Fortunately, this is an issue that you can solve by investing in a SpotyPal item finder. By attaching your keys to the device, you will ensure that your phone alerts you before going far away if you forget your keys in the office or at home. This way, you can minimize the risk of wasting time going back for the keys or calling a locksmith to help you access your house or office.

Keep your Pet in Range

When your pet is playing outside, you may be worried about the possibility of it getting lost or even stolen. So how can you be sure that your pet is still around? While most Bluetooth tracking devices can help you with tracing a pet when it gets lost, only SpotyPal can help you with ensuring that the pet does not get lost in the first place. This is because once you have attached the device to your pet, SpotyPal’s two-way separation alert will ensure that you are alerted through your Smartphone if your pet goes out of range. Therefore, with a SpotyPal device on your pet and a SpotyPal app on your Smartphone, you can rest assured that your pet will not get out of range without your knowledge.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that if you would like to reduce the risk of losing your valuables, then it is wise for you to invest in a SpotyPal device. The device will help you to not only locate missing items with ease but also avoid losing them in the first place. Unlike other item finders, SpotyPal comes with the two-way separation alert feature, which will ensure that you do not leave your valuables behind. Invest in SpotyPal, and rest assured that your everyday items won’t get lost.