Losing or misplacing your everyday items can be quite a frustrating experience. The good news is that this is a problem that you can solve or even avoid by investing in a Bluetooth Tracker, such as SpotyPal. Unlike other Bluetooth trackers, SpotyPal has a number of features that make it really special. For instance, it has the separation alert feature, which makes it less likely for you to forget your items. It also has the crowd finding features, which makes it simpler for you to locate items that are not within range. Therefore, in addition to helping you find lost items with ease, SpotyPal can help you avoid losing your valuables. Most importantly, SpotyPal comes with a feature that is meant to enhance the user’s safety.

SpotyPal as a Safety Device

As mentioned above, SpotyPal is more than an item finder. The device comes with a panic button, which is basically a safety feature. The feature enables users to send SOS alerts to predefined people when they find themselves in dangerous situations where it is impossible to make a phone call. The panic button can send SOS alerts in two different forms: SOS Email and Phone alarm. The main difference between the two has to do with the mode of the SOS message that is sent when the user presses the panic button on their device.

SOS Email

With the SOS Email, the SpotyPal device sends a pre-drafted email to predefined recipients when the panic button is pressed. Therefore, the recipient does not need to have a SpotyPal device or even the SpotyPal app to get the SOS alert. They will just receive an email indicating that the user is in danger. The email will also include a location map showing where the SpotyPal user is. Unfortunately, this means that the recipient must be in a position where they can open and read emails. Otherwise, the SOS Email might not serve its purpose.

Phone Alarm

On the other hand, Phone alarm alerts the recipient through a pop-up notification on their mobile phone. The notification has a pre-drafted message and the sender’s location on a map. Therefore, once a SpotyPal user presses the panic button, the recipient gets notified immediately, and they do not need to open their email to see the message. Therefore, this is a faster and more reliable option. However, although the recipient does not need to have a SpotyPal device to receive this SOS alert, they have to install the SpotyPal app and create an account.

When SpotyPal Panic Button May be Necessary

There are several situations in which the SpotyPal panic button may come in handy. For instance, if you are walking home at night and you realize that someone is following you, then it may be necessary for you to alert the police. Unfortunately, taking your phone and trying to make a call can put your life in danger in such a situation. But if you have a SpotyPal device, you can simply click the panic button to alert to a predefined person. It could be your husband or any other person that you trust. The recipient can then alert the police or do whatever else they can to ensure that you are safe.

Seniors are quite prone to fatal accidents at home. Therefore, if you have a senior family member spending most of their time alone at home, investing in a SpotyPal device could save his or her life. The device will make it easier for them to alert you if they get in trouble. Your loved one will just have to press the panic button on the device, and you will immediately get a notification on your phone. This means that you will be in a position to respond swiftly and call an ambulance in time if need be.

The SpotyPal panic button can also be quite useful for lone workers. A lone worker is an employee that works in isolation from other employees. Such workers are usually exposed to a number of risks since there is no one to assist them. If you are a lone worker or you have employed lone workers, investing in SpotyPal Bluetooth devices can be an excellent way of enhancing workplace safety. By simply pressing the SpotyPal’s panic button, a lone worker will alert his or her colleague that something is wrong and that he or she needs help.


Overall, it is apparent that in addition to helping people find their day to day items, Bluetooth trackers can also be used for safety reasons. However, it is imperative for you to remember that not all Bluetooth trackers are designed for safety purposes. If you are looking for a Bluetooth device that can help you in this regard, SpotyPal Bluetooth tracker is your best bet. The device has an upgraded panic button that will enable you to seek help in case you are in trouble. When the button is pressed, it sends an SOS alert to a predetermined recipient’s email or mobile phone. The alert that is sent usually contains a predefined message and a map showing the sender’s location to make it easier for the recipient to act. Invest in a SpotyPal Bluetooth device and keep yourself or your loved ones safer than ever before.