So you have identified the item you are most likely to misplace or lose and decided to invest in a SpotyPal device to protect it. It could be your car key, a piece of professional equipment, or even your TV remote. You now need to attach the SpotyPal device to the item and install the SpotyPal mobile application on your Smartphone. This will ensure that you can use your mobile phone to easily locate the item when it goes missing. But what if you have to share the item with other people? For instance, if you share your car with your spouse, can the SpotyPal device attached to the car key be helpful to both of you?

The simple answer to the above question is yes. SpotyPal has the share device functionality that enables you to share your device with other people. The person you want to share the device with will just need to open a SpotyPal account. You will then go to your SpotyPal application, choose the device you would like to share, and enter the email of the person with whom you want to share the device. From there, the person with whom you share your car will enjoy all the benefits of having a SpotyPal device, and your car keys will always be safe. In a nutshell, SpotyPal’s share device functionality will help you to always keep your stuff safe irrespective of who is using them.

Here are some examples of situations in which SpotyPal’s share device functionality can come in handy.

Avoid Losing Car Keys Used By Multiple Drivers

Replacing car keys these days is no longer a quick trip to the hardware store as it used to be years back. Car keys now have more advanced security features, and replacing them can cost you more time and money. This is why it is important to invest in a SpotyPal device. But unless you can share your SpotyPal device with other people, the device may not be helpful when you are not the one using the car. The good news is that SpotyPal allows you to share your device with the other people who will be using your car. This means that if they misplace your car keys and you are not around, they will still be in a position to find them using their Smartphones. Therefore, whether you are using your car alone or you share it with your family, a SpotyPal device will go a long way in helping you to keep your car keys safe.

Protect Car Keys for a Corporate Car

If your business has a car that is driven by several employees, the risk of losing the car keys can be quite high. This means that if you do not take deliberate steps to keep the car keys safe, you may be forced to spend a lot of money replacing them from time to time. To prevent such a problem, you need to invest in a SpotyPal item finder and attach it to the car key. This way, you will ensure that the car keys are easily found when lost or misplaced. You can share the device with all the drivers to ensure that the keys are protected irrespective of who is using the car. By sharing the device, you will ensure that any of the drivers looking for the car keys can easily find them whether you are around or not.

Avoid Losing or Forgetting Professional Equipment

SpotyPal has several features that can help you avoid losing or leaving professional equipment behind. Examples of such features include the not-to-forget lists and the two-way separation alert. Not-to-forget lists will enable you to create a list of the items you will need for a particular task and ensure that nothing is left behind. The two-way separation alert will ensure that you are alerted before going too far should you leave a piece of professional equipment behind. But what happens when the professional equipment is in the hands of other employees? SpotyPal allows you to share your device with the people you work with to ensure that they, too, can enjoy the benefits of the SpotyPal device without necessarily buying another device. Therefore, by sharing the SpotyPal device meant to secure your professional equipment, you will ensure that the professional equipment will be safe whether you are around or not.

Invest in SpotyPal

SpotyPal is a Bluetooth item finder that can help you to easily locate your missing items. When you attach the device to an item you are likely to lose, you can use your Smartphone to locate the item in case it goes missing.

The device also has a two-way separation alert, and therefore, it can also function as a phone finder. For instance, when you forget your phone, the device will ring to notify you before going too far. Therefore, in addition to helping you find missing items easily, SpotyPal can help with ensuring that you do not lose them in the first place.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that if you have bought a SpotyPal device to protect you from losing your valuable items, then you have made an excellent decision. However, if the item that you are securing is used by multiple people, then buying a SpotyPal item finder and installing the SpotyPal app on your phone may not be enough. You need to go a step further and share your device with the other people who will be using your item. This will ensure that your item is always safe irrespective of who is using it at any particular time.