SpotyPal device makes it easy to find misplaced items. The SpotyPal SDK allows you to create the app needed to operate it to enhance its functionality.

Software development kits (SDKs) are a critical tool for use when creating programs. To understand that from a practical perspective, the web browser you use on your desktop or mobile device and the video games you play were all created using SDKs. So, what is a software development kit?

If you own a car and have been to an auto shop for repair parts and aftermarket upgrade tools, you sometimes find them packaged in kits. You’ll find the various components, installation tools, user’s manual, and other instructions in the kit. An SDK functions in a similar way. It provides the resources that developers require to complete a software program on a specific platform. It will include the tools, documentation, a list of sample codes, and other guides.

The Difference Between SDK and API

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is simply an interface that allows different applications to interact. The process converts user commands, interprets them, and generates usable functions. Think of it as a two-sided paper; each side is written in different languages providing different functions. When the two are translated and used together, there is a mutual understanding. For instance, a web browser uses a different set of APIs to convert user commands into usable functions, interprets them, and requests data from servers to deliver the information on the desktop UI.

API is equivalent to the building blocks an artisan uses to create pieces of art, while the SDK is the entire workshop, with all the tools, components, and ergonomic designs to enable them to create a piece of furniture.

Features of an SDK and how Developers use SDKs to create Applications

The common features included in a standard SDK are the compiler, debugger, and APIs. However, most manufacturers offer additional features, including editors, documentation, drivers, libraries, development infrastructures, and network protocols. Typically, the kit will contain every tool that a developer requires to create a software application.

There are several software development kits in the market: Java development kit (JDK), MacOS X SDK, and Windows 7 SDK. Another specific example is the SpotyPal SDK that lets you create your own application. The SpotyPal SDK comes with a spectrum of code generation tools, creating the development environment, APIs, and extensions to cater to common operator users.

How SDKs Help Developers to Create Programs

One of the trends in app development is creating mobile-friendly programs that provide quality UX for the application’s users. Developers need SDKs to create the best, user-friendly software program for their audience, whether employees, gamers, or clients.

Software development helps developers to create apps for a specific platform. For instance, if there were no Android SDKs, then the many developers of the applications we can access from your android phones would have created the programs. The same is true for iOS apps. Furthermore, advanced SDKs allow operators to enhance their websites with more operational features, making the development process easier since everything is prebuilt.

SpotyPal SDK Helps Streamline Traffic in Turin Through the Big IoT European Project

SpotyPal demonstrated its market leadership as an SDK manufacturer by joining the Big IoT European Project. It aims to integrate businesses and stakeholders in the EU’s tech market to create a business ecosystem where companies can maximize the IoT industry.

In the project, SpotyPal demonstrated the interconnection of places within smart cities, such as Turin, Italy. The company provided critical insights into traffic flow in Piedmont town, based on various factors, including weather conditions, days, and hours. Using this information, SpotyPal provides additional information that will help municipal authorities determine the section that requires better management to ensure they serve the road users and pedestrians better.

SpotyPal SDK: Your Reliable Software Development Kit for Any Project

Are you a budding developer or an experienced programmer looking forward to creating your application? Well, you can use the SpotyPal device and the company’s SDK to develop a software application to use with the device. The advantage is that the software development kit allows you to create apps for Android and iOS. The manufacturer is on the verge of upgrading the kit for use on other platforms as well.

The SpotyPal device provides a high-level convenience, allowing users to recover various lost/misplaced personal items and carry out other daily activities. The company has invested in research and a crew of professional developers who are always looking for ways to use your application on the SpotyPal device to make their lives easier. Still, the current SDK provides impressive features, metrics, and data that enable you to excel in any project.

Sometimes you find yourself locked out and can’t find the keys; other times, you might not locate the remote, wallet, or bag. Using the SpotyPal tracking device helps you find your misplaced items easily. You can also use SpotyPal SDK to create an app that links with the device, making it easier to use and deliver excellent UX.

Contact our team to discuss about your idea or project and benefit from SpotyPal SDK by applying it on your own data and activities!