We are delighted to announce that recently SpotyPal joined the BIG IoT European project, aiming to demonstrate interoperability in different Smart Cities!

Within the project, SpotyPal is going to provide additional data sources on traffic condition in Piedmont region, Italy. The results of the study will help gain valuable insights regarding the traffic conditions in Turin. We will be then in a position to identify key areas in the city where traffic flow is troublesome, based on days, hour, and weather conditions. By recognizing areas that need improvement to best address citizen’s needs, we can then make this information available to the respective authorities so they can take action about it.

We would like to thank all the participants from Turin for their warm acceptance and interest to participate in the research. The first batch of SpotyPal devices has been already shipped to Turin!

Looking forward to starting the pilot execution and help make a positive impact on the city of Turin!