Separation alert ensures that you will not leave your items or phone behind.

Whenever the connection between the SpotyPal device and the smartphone is lost, the smartphone will let you know that you have left an item behind. Vice Versa, in case of a forgotten smartphone, the SpotyPal device will beep sharply so as to notify that the smartphone is left behind.

Within SpotyPal, there are various options to choose what shall happen when the smartphone separates from the SpotyPal device:

  •   Notification or Sound alert on your Smartphone *
  •   Sound alert on your SpotyPal device
  •   All the above
  • You can change your separation alert preferences any time you want, following the instructions below:

  •   Open the SpotyPal app
  •   Select your device
  •   Tap the three dots icon on the top right corner to see the Device settings
  •   In the menu, open the Separation alert options and choose the option that meets your needs
  •   Save changes
  • * To switch from Notification to Sound alert on your Smartphone:

  •   Open the SpotyPal app
  •   Tap the three line icon on the top left corner
  •   Select "Settings"
  •   Turn on the "Separation notification with alert" option.