Today on our blog we introduce you to a new series, called “Meet the Team”. As part of it, we asked our team members to share a personal story on how SpotyPal has helped them in their daily lives.

First up, we would like to introduce you to Natalia, who is an Account Manager for Spotypal. She is sharing a wonderful story about her daughter and Linda, the Lama.

«My SpotyPal Story is certainly a little bit funny and unusual, but also one that many parents can relate to. It involves one of my daughter’s favorite toys, Linda the Lama. But let me take it from the start.

My daughter loves stuffed animals. We have dozens of them in our house,  but Linda the Lama is without a doubt her most cherished toy. She’s been with us for years and I would even say she’s definitely a part of our family, haha!

So you can imagine what happened if Linda was ever misplaced, hiding under a blanket in my daughter’s bedroom or underneath the living room couch. Not only would my daughter be upset, but we couldn’t do anything else until we found Linda. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened in the past ever since she was a little girl.

After working on SpotyPal, I have used the device in a lot of circumstances in my daily life: to remember my keys or my wallet, to keep track of my stuff when I was travelling etc. But attaching it on Linda has definitely been a life saver! Every time the toy goes missing, all we have to do was ring the tracker using the mobile app on my daughter’s phone. It’s so simple, that even Elizabeth can do it herself. No more losing time searching for the lama around the house and… mommy is happy!

SpotyPal has been a great solution to this little problem we’ve been having and if your kids are the same as mine, you should consider using it to track their favorite toys”.