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Losing your bags is a common problem?

Use SpotyPal separation and nearby alerts to always keep an eye on them!

Attach a SpotyPal

SpotyPal Luggage Tracker

Attach your SpotyPal device on your bag or inside it.

Your personal luggage tracker will now send you alerts to your smartphone.

Get Nearby Alerts

Afraid that someone will steal your luggage in an airport? That they may have the same suitcase and take it by mistake? Or are you tired of waiting for your bag to appear on the baggage corridor? For each one of these cases, SpotyPal is the only solution, as it will send a nearby alert to your smartphone when your luggage goes out or is within range.

Choose Your Favorite Style

SpotyPal is available in 3 different colors. Choose your ideal style to match it smoothly with your personal stuff.

white SpotyPal device - Luggage Tracker


Blue Black SpotyPal device - Luggage Tracker

Navy Blue

Red SpotyPal device - Luggage Tracker


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