Have you ever reached for your wallet only to find out that it’s not in your pocket or bag? The sheer panic that follows is certainly one of the worst feelings in the world. Losing your wallet cannot only be inconvenient, but very dangerous at the same time, since it contains your money, credit cards, ID, driver’s licence and sometimes even your social security card. If it falls in the wrong hands, you risk losing everything, including your entire identity.

As soon as you realize that your wallet is missing, you will have to quickly take action in order to protect yourself. Here are a few steps that you can follow:

1. Make sure that your wallet is actually missing

Just because you can’t find your wallet, it doesn’t mean that it’s gone forever. Sometimes people misplace their stuff or forget where they have left them. Before you assume the worst, try to locate it. Perhaps you left it at home or inside your car. Maybe you have forgotten it at the restaurant last night after dinner or it’s hiding in your purse. Try to remember the last time you had it in your hands. Where else have you been since then?

Another action you can take is call the places you’ve been to: the office, the restaurant, the gym. Maybe someone has found it and is looking for you.

2. Report your cards stolen

If you have confirmed that your wallet is gone for sure, then you will have to follow some steps in order to protect yourself. The first and most important step is to report all your cards stolen: credit cards, debit cards, bank cards. We recommend not cancelling them, as this will affect your credit score. By reporting them lost, your money will be frozen until the issue is resolved and no one will be able to spend them without you knowing.

In addition, if you were keeping your driver’s license in your wallet, you will have to inform the DMV about it, as this is the first thing a thief will use to steal your identity.

3. Make a list of the wallet’s contents

Write a list of everything that was in your wallet, even if it seems insignificant. For example: your library card, membership cards, login information, access badge or employee cards etc.

4. File a report with the police

Even if you are not 100% sure that your wallet was stolen by someone, filing a police report is something you should consider. Not because they will start looking for it, but in the event someone steals your identity, you will have an official document to prove that your wallet was missing.

5. Get a SpotyPal

Finally, if you want to avoid any situations like the above and make your life easier, get a SpotyPal. This Bluetooth wallet tracker makes an ideal wallet finder and it will always notify you in case your wallet goes missing or of its last location. Just insert a device inside your wallet, connect it with the app on your smartphone and find your wallet easily every time. The crowd finding feature can also help you in case your wallet is misplaced.

Be smart, save time and protect your personal belongings with SpotyPal! A useful feature that you can set up in order to be notified whenever your wallet goes out of range is the two-way separation alert. Take a look at this video tutorial showing you how to set everything up: