Reading your own SpotyPal stories is always making us happy and today we wanted to share a message that was sent to our Facebook Page by Mary. Mary bought one of our 3-packs a couple of months ago and she uses one of the devices as a bicycle tracker. But let’s hear it from her!

Hi, SpotyPal team! My name is Mary and I bought the SpotyPal 3-pack back in May. I wanted to send you a quick message and thank you for this awesome device, which literally saved me last weekend. I was on a trip to France and decided to rent a bicycle and go on a little trip to enjoy the beautiful countryside. I left very early in the morning, while my friends were still sleeping and I decided to take a path leading into the mountains to take some pictures of the view. But guess what! My tire punctured in the middle of nowhere! I must have stepped on to a branch or something and unfortunately, I didn’t have a repair kit with me. So unlucky! The second I realized that I was stranded in the French countryside, I panicked! I couldn’t even explain to my friends where I was so that they could come and get me…

spotypal for bicycles

Thankfully, I remembered SpotyPal and its SOS alert function. I pressed the button and my boyfriend received an e-mail with my location within seconds. All I had to do was sit tight and wait for them to come and get me, which fortunately didn’t take long. I can’t even explain to you how helpful SpotyPal was to me that day. It would be so much more difficult for my friends to locate me otherwise. I’m not the bravest person and I get very anxious in these circumstances, so I am very grateful for this little device.

Feel free to share my story if you’d like, I hope that it is helpful to more SpotyPal users. Thank you again!


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