Forgetting is a natural process in which old information in the brain is replaced with new information that the brain considers more useful. Unfortunately, in some cases, the information that the brain considers outdated may be important to you; and this is where forgetting becomes problematic. Although forgetting may be a mere inconvenience in some cases, it can prove to be extremely costly in others. Therefore, if you are forgetful, it is imperative for you to start thinking of how you can find an amicable solution to the problem.

Below is a rundown of some of the tips that you can count on to help you avoid forgetting important things.

Get Enough Sleep

A lot of people wrongly believe that cutting back on sleep and working for more hours can improve their productivity. Unfortunately, failure to have adequate sleep ends up having the opposite effect. In fact, lack of sleep impairs our cognitive ability, including our ability to remember things. Therefore, for you to avoid forgetting things, you need to start having adequate sleep. Experts recommend that you should have at least seven solid hours of night sleep every day. By doing so, you will give your body the necessary time to repair damaged cells and consequently enhance the ability of your brain to recognize memories.

Dot it Now

One of the reasons why people forget important things has to do with procrastination. When you set aside tasks that can be accomplished immediately and tell yourself that you will deal with them later, the truth is that you are creating room for you to forget about them. Therefore, if you are struggling with forgetfulness, and you are looking for a solution, it is wise for you to accomplish your tasks as soon as they arise.


It’s no secret that physical exercise has positive physical and mental health benefits. In addition to making you physically fit, physical exercise will significantly boost your cognitive abilities by making you more alert to what is happening around you. It also helps in reducing the levels of stress and anxiety, and this has the effect of enabling your brain to focus on the things that really matter. In a nutshell, physical exercise will improve your mental sharpness, and consequently reduce your risk of forgetting important things.

Set Alarms

If you have a Smartphone, then you have a reminder system right in your hands. Almost all Smartphones have alarm clock apps that you can use to set recurring or one-time alarms. For instance, if you have a meeting that you have to attend at a particular time of the day and you are afraid that you might forget about it, setting a one-time alarm to alert you about it will ensure that you won’t forget about it. Similarly, if you are on medication and you need to take your drugs every day at a particular time of the day or night, a recurring alarm will ensure that you don’t forget about it.

Eat Well

It has been established that healthy eating has many positive benefits for both the body and the mind. However, if you want to improve your memory, you need to incorporate foods rich in Omega-3s in your meals in addition to ensuring that you are having a balanced diet. This is because Omega-3s have been proven to improve cognitive abilities, including the ability to remember. In fact, studies have shown that Omega-3s can help to minimize the risk of dementia. Examples of foods containing Omega-3 include fish, whole grains, walnuts, and berries.

Use Checklists

Being organized is one of the most practical solutions when it comes to dealing with forgetfulness, and using checklists is perhaps the easiest way to improve your organizational paradigm. For you to avoid forgetting important things, you can create a list of the tasks you need to accomplish on a particular day and check each task after accomplishing it. Similarly, if you are traveling, and there are items that you must take with you, using a checklist when packing the items will ensure that you don’t forget anything important.

Buy SpotyPal

SpotyPal is a Bluetooth item finder that is designed primarily to help people locate missing items with relative ease. It is also a smart solution for people who are struggling with forgetfulness. Compared to other Bluetooth trackers, SpotyPal has more features that make it really useful to forgetful people. For instance, the last seen location feature helps users know the last known location of a missing item using a map on their SpotyPal application. This makes it easy for them to trace missing or misplaced items. The two-way separation alert is another feature that can be quite helpful for forgetful people. 

The feature ensures that if a user accidentally leaves behind his or her mobile phone or an item on which the SpotyPal device is attached, the SpotyPal device or their Phone will ring to alert them before they get out of range.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, although there are many tips that you can count on to avoid forgetting, using a SpotyPal device is the smartest of them all. The device has many features that can help you to deal with the issue of forgetfulness. It will also help you avoid losing your everyday items dues to forgetfulness. Invest in SpotyPal today, and rest assured that you will get peace of mind.

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