This week we’ve had the pleasure to be featured in About Heraklion project aims to showcase the landmarks and monuments of Heraklion city in Crete, Greece.

Here is a little snippet:

“In our daily life, we have to carry a number of valuable stuff with us. Our keys, our telephone, our wallet, a purse .. a camera and the list goes on…
I discovered a (Greek!) product that helps us keep our valuable stuff always with us. SpotyPal is a smart Bluetooth Finder on our hands, that helps us located and find our personal items.
We attach the SpotyPal device to any item and we rest assured that we will get immediate notifications on our smartphone if and whenever we forget something behind.
It is very easy to use it and the price is not too high, if you consider what it can save for you!”

You can read the whole article here.