Losing something you valued or loved is not just a money matter or a mere inconvenience; it can also weigh you down emotionally. This is because losing something leads to bereavement. However, the feeling of loss does not necessarily come directly as a result of the item that you have lost; it usually arises due to losing what the lost item represented to you. It could be your social status, sense of stability, or even trustworthiness. Therefore, you are not just losing your pet, keys, wallet, jacket, remote, luggage, or phone; you are also losing the sense of being responsible.

Some of the feelings that are associated with losing valuable items include:


Stress can be understood as a feeling of emotional pressure and strain. In other words, stress is some sort of psychological pain. Of course, stress can be caused by many issues, and losing something that means a lot to you is one of its major causes. When you lose or misplace something that you really love and value, the process of trying to find it or getting used to living without it can be quite mentally draining, and unfortunately, if you are not careful about it, this stressful moment can negatively affect the quality of your life and even bring your long term health problems.

Loss of Control

The feeling of loss essentially has to do with a negative disruption to your normal sense of control. This means that when you lose something valuable, your ability to consciously control your behavior or impulses, as you get overwhelmed by emotions, could be impaired. Consequently, you may start weeping uncontrollably, screaming, and even cursing yourself and other people. When you are in such a situation, you can end up getting yourself into more trouble, and therefore, if losing things give you such a feeling, you need to do all you can to prevent such an eventuality.


Helplessness can be understood as a state of believing that nothing can be done to improve a bad situation. If you lose your valuable items often, it is possible for you to feel helpless and even resign yourself to fate. Unfortunately, if you experience such a feeling after losing something valuable, you might end up deciding to do nothing instead of finding solutions to your problems. As such instead of improving your behavior, the feeling of helplessness could make you believe that your loss is as a result of bad luck, chance, or fate.


Despair is a feeling or an emotion that is associated with the absence of hope. Losing something you value can potentially lead to such a feeling. Unfortunately, despair is one of the most destructive negative feelings that you can have. Just like helplessness, despair might push you to believe that your situation is so bad that it cannot be fixed.

As you can see, misplacing or losing something can be quite a devastating experience especially when it seems to happen time and time again. Therefore, it is imperative for you to take deliberate steps to cultivate behaviors that can help you avoid losing your items.

Some of the solutions that you count on to keep your items safe or to find them with ease when you misplace them include:

Reorganizing Your House

Reorganizing your house gives you an excellent opportunity to implement some strategies that can help you to stop losing or misplacing your items. For instance, getting rid of clutter can make it less likely for you to misplace or lose your valuable items. Besides, if you tend to lose your keys often, you can get a hook or bowl just beside the door where you can place them every time you get into your house.

Investing in a Bluetooth Tracker

This is perhaps the most efficient way of ensuring that you do not lose your valuable items again. In addition to helping you track your lost items with ease, Bluetooth trackers, such as SpotyPal, can even help you to ensure that you do not forget or lose your items. For instance, SpotyPal has the separation alert feature that will ensure that you get alerted when your item gets out of range. Besides, SpotyPal has the crowd finding feature that enables you to report about your lost item to the crowd finding community, and consequently, allow other SpotyPal users to help you find it.

In a nutshell, with a Bluetooth tracker attached to an item, it’s more unlikely for you to lose the item and much easier for you to find the item when you misplace it.


Overall, it is apparent that losing things can have a devastating effect on your emotional wellbeing. The good news is that this is a problem that you can pre-empt. If you are looking for a reliable Bluetooth tracker to help you keep your valuable item safe, SpotyPal is your best bet. Buy the Bluetooth trackers today and save yourself from the emotional pain that comes with losing your items.