While the line between civilization and wilderness is becoming increasingly thin, adventurous people have to go to great lengths to find places that will help them interact with their inner survival instincts. Ranging from hiking, camping, to mountaineering, it imperative to have a “Plan B” in case things go sideways during the adventure. Always remember your loved ones depend on you and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Well, if you love the outdoors, the SpotyPal SOS button is a great way to ensure you can send an SOS when in any sort of danger, emergency, or stranded in complicated terrain.

How does SpotyPal Panic Alarm Button Works?

Our SpotyPal panic button helps to send an alert when facing immediate danger such as discomfort or aggression. Our devices are fitted with the panic alarm button that is crucial in alerting your loved ones when in danger.

To get started with the tech you need to secure a SpotyPal device with this feature and download a SpotyPal App on your phone. You should add predefined contacts that are supposed to receive an alert when you are in danger.

For instance, if you have been trapped by wildfire during camping or you become injured during a mountaineering trip, all you need is to push the SpotyPal SOS button once or twice. The device will immediately send an alert with your current location that will trigger a siren on your contact’s devices. This makes it very easy for the people who care about you to locate you and get the necessary help.

What are the Benefits of Packing a SpotyPal SOS button During your Adventure?

Have you ever been stranded in a desolate place far away from civilization without any means to call for help? Well, it’s not a pleasant feeling.

That’s why before embarking on any outdoor adventure, you should carry a SpotyPal device with a panic button.

Some of the importance of doing so include:

Helps you to Call for Help in Case of an Emergency

As we mentioned earlier a SpotyPal alarm panic button helps to transmit a distress signal in places where cell coverage is poor. For hikers and adventurers who deem packing an SOS beacon as a sign of weakness, then think again.

Out there in nature lies much danger. Ranging from dangerous wild animals to adverse weather conditions, you never know when disaster will strike. A SpotyPal SOS button is a great way to keep safe outdoors as you can ask for help anytime and from anywhere.

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Peace of Mind

There is nothing more relaxing than exploring the great outdoors with an assurance you have the option of getting help any time things go sideways. With a SpotyPal panic button, you enjoy nature and rest assured that in case of an emergency, help is just a click away.

Transmits your Precise Location

With initial tracking techs, it took a lot of effort for rescuers to find you in cases of an emergency. However, with the SpotyPal SOS button, the device gives an exact location. It helps you to get speedy help and in case of injuries, you get to be attended fast, mitigating severe irreversible damages or even death.


Before you Leave

A SpotyPal SOS button is a must-have if you want your outdoor adventure to be a success. It does not only give you a sense of safety but it gives you peace of mind while enjoying nature. It is always important to realize that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

For more information on the SpotyPal SOS button click here or contact us.

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