Probably, your furry friend means the world to you. But it is not an unusual occurrence for your pet to wander off, and tracking them sometimes can be a very daunting undertaking. The good news is that at SpotyPal we have customized Bluetooth and GPS trackers to help you locate and keep track of your pooch or other pet’s movements easily.

It would be a shame for your furry pal to end up in a pound, animal shelter, or even worse flat as a pancake on a busy traffic road because you failed to take the appropriate precautionary measures.

That’s why SpotyPal should be your first stop if you intend to keep your pets safe.

How does SpotyPal Pet Trackers Work?

Keeping track of your pet need not cost an arm or a leg.

During these strange times of COVID-19 pandemic, it would be unwise to leave your furry friend wandering aimlessly in the deserted streets.

Going the SpotyPal way is always a step in the right direction.

But how do you get started, when using devices from SpotyPal to protect and keep track of your pets?

Here are the steps:

Download SpotyPal App from the Google Playstore if using Android devices or from App Store for IOS devices.
Create an account on the App.
Enable Bluetooth and location services on your phone and make sure to keep them running.
Allow communication to take place between the SpotyPal device of choice and the smartphone, tablet, or iPad in question—pairing.

In an event where you can’t locate your pet, you may opt for the option “SHOW MAP,” which will direct you to the last place your pet was last tracked before it went out of range. Alternatively, you may click “CALL,” if the device is within range.

SpotyPal Bluetooth Vs GPS Pet Trackers

Did you know that Bluetooth tracker is not a GPS tracker? This a common mistake that most pet owners make. Bluetooth trackers are small attachments that sync with your smartphone or other devices and are crucial in tracking items or pets in close proximity—between 30 to 40 meters. On the other hand, GPS trackers are crucial in finding pets or objects that are relatively far away.

Probably, you may be wondering how you can track a pet that is out of the Bluetooth range? Our Bluetooth trackers have a feature that shows you the last location your pooch was before the connection was terminated, which gives you a rough idea of where to start looking.

Remote Alarm Feature

SpotyPal Bluetooth devices including dog trackers are fitted with an SOS feature, which is a great plus. With this feature, all you need to do is to predefine your SOS contacts, which will receive an alert when you are in trouble.

The Bluetooth device integrates a panic button that you press instances of peril and your contacts will receive an email or a notification on their devices with your location. Always remember this is a safe way of asking for help without alerting a perp.

Community Help Feature

By signing up for the SpotyPal “finding community” on your SpotyPal App you don’t have to go through the trouble of locating your Pooch or any other pet alone, especially when they are out of your Bluetooth device range. 

This feature allows you to ask for help from the crowd, which makes the process of tracking down your pet very easy. The Bluetooth tracker connects to the person on this platform who is in proximity to your pet, who will, in turn, notify you.

Get Tomorrow’s Tracking Tech at Yesterday’s Price

At SpotyPal, we believe your peace of mind is of the paramount essence. That’s why we have made it our life’s mission to create customized Bluetooth and other trackers to help you keep track of your pets and other items such as wallet, TV remote, car keys, and many more. When you buy our devices, we will be with your every step of the way and we treat our customers like family.

For more information on SpotyPal pet trackers and other devices, contact us.