You are minutes away from your online meeting. Your attendance now depends on the availability of your phone. Unfortunately, you can’t trace where you placed your phone. You rummage through your beddings, the couch, and even the kitchen. Did someone steal your phone? You now wish for some phone finder magic. Well, there goes your perfect record at work that had granted you the position of the employee of the year. What could you have done differently to protect your phone? SpotyPal! Why didn’t you give it a chance when your friend recommended it to you? Maybe you lacked a grasp of how SpotyPal works.

SpotyPal is your open tracking system that keeps your valuables safe using a sophisticated internet of things technology. The product has received immense positive reviews since it was launched with people wondering how they protected their smartphone without SpotyPal. It is a must-have for any smartphone owner who values their valuables and for any work-at-home mother whose children won’t stop misplacing her phone, causing her significant inconveniences and frustrations trying to locate the device.

So how does the perfect Smartphone Finder Function?

Operating a SpotyPal device is fast and easy. You are required to connect a SpotyPal device to the smartphone. Download a SpotyPal app and install it on your phone. Whenever you misplace your phone, press the SpotyPal Button and listen out for your phone. The magic with the tool is that even when your phone is in silent mode, it will still ring. If your phone is far from you, log in to a web app to enable your phone to ring out loud and locate it with ease. Isn’t this incredible technology? What’s more, this amazing SpotyPal device comes in three stylish colors to match up your elegance.

The devices are available in white, navy blue, and red.

What if Your Phone is Long Way out of Range?

This is where it gets interesting. If your phone is stolen and out of range, you will not manage to hear it ring. The good thing is that the SpotyPal allows you to locate your last seen location. If you accidentally dropped your phone in the park during the afternoon run, SpotyPal makes it relatively easy for you to get the latest location. As if it could not get any better, the SpotyPal device alerts you whenever you leave your phone behind. It is the perfect smartphone finder in the market designed to suit every individual who values their smartphone.

Despite the availability of diverse Bluetooth trackers in the market, SpotyPal stands out from simple features that make it unique. With SpotyPal, the app on your phone empowers you to trigger a notification to enable you to find your device while, at the same time, you can trigger an alert on the phone even if it’s in silent mode, making it the perfect smartphone finder in the market. Its flexibility allows multiple users to use the same device. In instances when the phone is lost entirely, SpotyPal to report a lost item on the system, enabling a SpotyPal user to get notified when they come near the device.

Protect Your Phone and Protect Yourself

How? You wonder. SpotyPal is your ideal partner anywhere you go. The same way it allows you to find your phone, it enables people to spot you by finding your location. In case of danger, the perfect phone finder allows you to transmit an SOS alert with your location to predefined users allowing rescue to come your way.