We are thrilled to present you our unique feature – the Nearby alert!

Let’s say that you have misplaced your item and the SpotyPal app says it’s somewhere nearby. So, now you need to walk around in a slow pace, continuously checking your app, until you are close enough to connect with the attached SpotyPal device.

Now, with the Nearby alert, finding your misplaced item becomes much easier. Activate the “Nearby alert” feature and the App will automatically notify you when your smartphone traces your SpotyPal.

For example, you could also use the Nearby alert while waiting for your luggage at the baggage reclaim area of an airport. If you have the Νearby alert feature activated, SpotyPal will notify you when your suitcase is coming.

To activate the Nearby alert:

  •   Open the SpotyPal app
  •   Select your device
  •   Tap the three dots icon on the top right corner to see the Device settings
  •   In the menu, activate the "Nearby alert" option
  •   Save changes
  • Spend your time smartly using the Nearby alert feature! Upgrade your life!