We’ve all been there before. We are in a hurry to get to work or we need to run a few errands, except we can’t find the most important item to fulfill our task: our keys. We search high and low, where we put them last, mentally cursing ourselves for not keeping them in the same spot when we’re done with them. That’s where SpotyPal comes in.

What Is SpotyPal?

SpotyPal is a key finder device, but it is more than just another key tracker like the others. SpotyPal has a free mobile and web app, making it easy to access information on the device. But that is not all SpotyPal does.

SpotyPal Features

Some of SpotyPal features that can help you find your lost keys or items are:

Find Your Missing Item

When you go to the app on your phone to find your keys, the search function will then make the SpotyPal device ring, helping you to locate it.

Last Seen Location

How would you find your missing item if it is out of range? Check on the map to see the item’s last seen location.

Two-Way Separation Alert

This feature is the most important feature a key finder device will ever have. For example, if you set your phone down and leave it behind, then the key tracker will alert after a certain distance that you left your phone.

Crowd Finding

If your item gets lost don’t worry. There are still many possibilities to find it. Report it to the Crowd-Finding Community to help you find it. It is better when we help each other especially when you have nothing to do about it.

Nearby Alert

Say you are at the airport waiting for your luggage and the tracker is inside your luggage or attached to your luggage. Once a connection is re-established, your smartphone receives a notification.

Find Your Phone

But what if you have your keys but you can’t find your smartphone? Simply press the button on your SpotyPal and your phone will alert you to its location. Even if it is on silent.


With SpotyPal, you never have to worry about losing your keys or leaving your phone or items behind again. Even if someone else borrows your keys, they are in safe hands as SpotyPal allows multiple users on the same device. Why risk not being able to find your keys when you can get a SpotyPal?