It’s almost Christmas again, and this means that it is time for you to start thinking of the right gifts to buy your friends. While picking the right gift for a friend may seem easy to some people, it is not always straightforward for everyone. If you are struggling with this decision, you just need to ensure that the gift is unique and also useful to the recipient. For instance, if you have a friend that tends to forget important things, then you can surprise them with a product that can help them deal with the problem of forgetfulness.

Below is a rundown of some Christmas gifts that you can buy your forgetful buddy.

Daily Planner

One of the most effective ways of dealing with forgetfulness is by being organized. Therefore, if you have a forgetful pal, getting them a gift that can help them to become more organized can be quite helpful. A daily planner is an example of such a gift. It will enable them to plan their days vigorously, and consequently, ensure that they are at the right places at the right time doing the right things. As such, it will make them less likely to forget to accomplish some important tasks.

Over the Door/Doorknob Organizer

If you have ever tried to leave your house in hurry only to realize that you can’t remember where you placed your keys, then you probably understand how costly forgetfulness can be. If you have a forgetful friend, they probably deal with such scenarios quite often. The good news is that this Christmas, there is a gift you can buy them to help them solve this issue: a doorknob organizer. This item will encourage them to place the items they are likely to misplace at a designated place every time they get into their house. Therefore, it will enable them to get more organized and avoid wasting time looking for their everyday items.

Hydration Tracking Water Bottle

Drinking an adequate amount of water throughout the day is known to have tremendous health benefits. However, while almost everyone knows how important drinking water is, a lot of people do not remember to take water as required every day. Therefore, if you have a forgetful friend, it is possible that they are not taking full advantage of drinking an adequate amount of water every day. As such, if you a looking for a special gift for such a friend this Christmas, getting them a hydration tracking water bottle can significantly improve his or her life. The bottle has handy dots at the top to help users track how many times it has been refilled on a given day. Therefore, the bottle will encourage and remind your forgetful buddy to drink water throughout the day.

Grocery List Notepad

Shopping for groceries can be a nightmare for forgetful people. If there is nothing to remind them of all the things that they need to buy, forgetting to buy critical items is very likely. If you have a friend that tends to forget too much, and you are thinking of an affordable Christmas gift that can change their life for the better, a grocery list notepad is an excellent item to buy them. The notepad has a list of the various basic grocery items that can help them ensure that they do not forget to buy any important items when shopping for groceries.


SpotyPal is a Bluetooth tracker that is primarily designed to help users find missing items easily. For instance, if a person tends to misplace his or her keys all the time, attaching a SpotyPal device to their keys can help them to easily find their keys using their Smartphone. However, unlike other Bluetooth item finders, SpotyPal has more features that can be really helpful to your forgetful buddy.

For instance, the not-to-forget lists can enable them to create a list of things they need when going to a particular place and help them ensure that they do not leave any of the items behind.

The two-way separation alert is another feature that can be quite helpful to your forgetful friend. It will ensure that if he or she leaves behind an item on which the device is attached, he or she will get alerted through the phone or the device before getting out of range. Therefore, the device will significantly reduce his or her chances of losing everyday items, such as keys, mobile phone, wallet, and backpack, among others.

SpotyPal is also known for the last seen location feature. This feature will ensure that if your friend, for example, forgets where he or she parked his or her car, it will much easier for them to locate its last seen location by using the map of their SpotyPal mobile application.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that if you are looking for a perfect gift to give your forgetful friend this Christmas, there are so many options out there. However, the novelty of Bluetooth technology makes the SpotyPal Bluetooth device such a special option. The device has several features that make it really important, particularly to forgetful people. Some of the features that will greatly benefit your friend include the last seen location feature, the two-way separation alert, and the not to forget lists. Therefore, if you would like to give your forgetful friend a gift that shows that you really care about their wellbeing, SpotyPal is an excellent choice.