A growth rate of 32% and a turnover of 3.7 billion euros *. These are the statistics of the IoT market in Italy, statistics that confirm that our country has now entered the stage of digital transformation.

At Synesthesia we’ve been looking at, and working with, the Internet of Things for a long time, and we firmly believe in the possibilities of intelligent intercommunication between objects.

We work in the fields of home automation, industry 4.0 and many other sectors. Among which, Smart Cities and intelligent mobility are particularly fascinating, and will, we feel, greatly push innovation in the next few years.

Given which we immediately saw the potential in partnering with Terracom, a Greek IoT services and security systems company, for the development of a European research project aimed at improving traffic in Smart Cities.

The goal is to monitor and gather statistics in three European cities: Turin, Barcelona and Berlin. The public administration in each city can then identify critical areas based on days, times and weather conditions and determine if or how to intervene.

The data will be collected via Spotypal, a small tracking device, which participants will place in their car and connect via Bluetooth to their smartphone. In this way, Spotypal will be able to track the movements of the users and send their data anonymously for analysis.

“We were immediately interested in this project; it’s something we really believe in – says Francesco Ronchi, CEO of Synesthesia – The aim is also to show interoperability throughout Smart Cities and IoT is a fundamental element of that. In this context, we support Terracom by helping them to expand their network of contacts with institutions in the area and by encouraging our developers to join the project.”

The research phase will last a total of five months (until the end of November) after which the participants will be able to keep and continue to use Spotypal taking full advantage of all the features, including:

  •  bi-directional search (tracking) to find lost items
  •  SOS button to send your GPS position to predefined people
  •  creation of lists and alarms that can be activated directly from the smartphone app
  •  crowd-finding system that allows users to locate lost objects through other users' Spotypal devices
  • To participate in the project and receive Spotypal for free, simply register here.

    * Source: Internet of Things Observatory at the School of Management, Milan Polytechnic