We are delighted to announce that the SpotyPal App (Beta version) is now available for free download!

Explore the SpotyPal App, learn how it works and Pre-order your SpotyPal device with 20% discount!

SpotyPal is a unique open tracking system helping you protect yourself and find your lost stuff or missing pets. SpotyPal consists of a completely free of charge mobile and web application, where any user worldwide can log in and assign Bluetooth SpotyPal devices to almost anything that can be lost. The SpotyPal device is small, lightweight has a replaceable battery and is water resistant. It can be easily attached to anything, to the keys, bag, wallet, bike, camera, pet, etc.

  •   Free mobile and web applications
  •   Small and lightweight device, water resistant, with replaceable battery, wide range, and loud alarm
  •   SOS-button: press the button to send SOS alert with your GSP position to predefined persons
  •   Track location on map (exact place on map or place where connection was lost)
  •   Two-way finding feature: find lost item/find lost smartphone
  •   Not-to-forget lists: create lists of items you don't want to leave behind (perfect solution for professional equipment, expensive devices, etc); organize groups of people, that their proof of presence is needed. See who is missing! (perfect solution for schools and excursions)
  •   Separation alerts: when connection with the device is lost
  •   Crowd finding: SpotyPal community helps in finding lost items and pets
  •   Based on Zastel, a smart IoT platform with embedded interoperability mechanism
  •   Support of 3rd party devices
  •   White/Private label
  • Contact us at info(at)spotypal(dot)com if you need more information or in case you are interested in a partnership with us.