This week we’ve had the pleasure to read one more review about SpotyPal, coming from a Greek blogger. As we are a Greek based business, it is always extra special for us when we read positive comments from our local community.

The review came from Mary of “Beauty Days by Mary“. Since her blog post is written in Greek, we thought it would be useful to translate a few bits for you, but you can also read her entire review using Google Translate.

I’ve recently been looking for various gadgets that will make my life easier, not only inside the house but also while I am traveling. So, I discovered an amazing small device which I always carry with me nowadays. This device is SpotyPal, the ultimate Bluetooth Tracker with the most advanced set of features.

My favorite feature is the two-way separation alert, which can make your phone and the device ring whenever the connection is lost. By using the Location feature on my smartphone and the SpotyPal app, I can also see the last location where my item was before the connection was lost. Fellow travelers, can you think of anything more useful for your luggage? I used to be so nervous at the airport or bus station, afraid that I will lose my suitcase or that someone else will take it by mistake. 

I also need to mention that I have been using SpotyPal to track my mom and grandma, who has gotten older and often tries to leave the house unattended. And lastly, this device proved to be a perfect pet tracker when I attached it to my dog’s collar. Zizel tends to escape whenever we leave the door open and getting a notification on my app when she tries to be naughty has proved very helpful! Now I can catch up with her before she runs away.

This is only a small portion of Mary’s review and we are so excited that she has been enjoying using SpotyPal!

You can find the entire article HERE and read it in Greek or translate it to your preferred language.