Kids are quite susceptible to losing their belongings due to several reasons. For instance, children lack the ability to multitask, and therefore, once they find something new and more interesting to do, they tend to forget keeping what they are currently holding in its right place. Besides, the modern lifestyle keeps children excessively busy, and this makes it difficult for them to focus on keeping their stuff properly. While it can be quite frustrating to have your children lose their belongings often, you have to remember that getting angry and yelling at your child will not work. Instead, you need to help your child to come up with a strategy that can help them learn to keep their belongings safe.

But how exactly can you help your child to stop losing their stuff?

Teach Your Child to Be Organized

Being disorganized is one of the reasons why children and even adults lose or misplace their items. When there are no designated places for each item, your children are likely going to misplace some of their belongings. Therefore, if you would like to help them stop losing their items, you have to teach them to be organized. Help them to reorganize their rooms and designate areas where they must put their things all the time. For instance, you can have a cabinet or a drawer for toys or stationery, and encourage them to always put their respective items there when they are not using them.

Teach Your Child the Value of Things

Most of the things children lose have to be replaced, and as you know, replacing lost items costs money. Furthermore, when your child loses an item, you have to waste valuable time looking for the lost item. This explains when parents get so frustrated when their children keep losing stuff. But instead of getting angry at your child, you need to start teaching them about the value of their item that you have bought them. Let them know that you had to spend a lot of time working for you to earn enough to buy their stuff and that every time they lose something; you have to work more to replace it. If they don’t seem to take it seriously, you can reduce their pocket money to cover for the cost of replacing lost items. By doing so, they will start learning the value of their belongings.

Teach Your Child to Prepare School Bag Beforehand

For you to ensure that your child does not misplace or forget the items they need to take to school, you need to encourage them to put the items in their school bag the previous evening. This will go a long way in saving you the time you could be forced to waste looking for your child’s missing items in the morning. You may also have to teach your child to create and use a checklist to ensure that he or she does not end up forgetting any of the items they need to take to school. Using a checklist will also help in ensuring that your child does not forget any of his or her valuable belongings at school.

Attach a Bluetooth Tracker

If your child tends to misplace a favorite toy, school bag, or another valuable item all the time, then you can help him or her by attaching a Bluetooth tracker, such as SpotyPal, to the item. Although there are several Bluetooth items finders in the market, SpotyPal stands out for several reasons.

For instance, the tracker has the separation alert feature, which will ensure that your child gets notified when he or she forgets an item and gets out of range. SpotyPal is also known for the not to forget lists feature, which will ensure that your child does not forget some of his or her valuable items.

Other amazing features that are associated with SpotyPal item finder is the last seen location feature and the crowd finding feature. The last seen location feature will help you to easily establish your child’s missing item’s last known location. With the crowd finding community, other SpotyPal users can help you find your child’s lost items.


As you can see, children are susceptible to losing their valuable items. As a parent, it is your responsibility to help your child to overcome this challenge. There are several things you can to this end, the smartest one being the use of a Bluetooth tracker. A Bluetooth tracker will make it more unlikely for your child to forget or misplace his or her items. The device will also make it easier for you to find your child’s missing item even when it is out of range. If you are shopping for a reliable Bluetooth tracker, SpotyPal is your best bet. Buy this item finder today and rest assured that your child’s ability to keep stuff safe will improve.