One of the worst fears is leaving your important valuable stuff behind. Did I leave the car keys on the table or at the restaurant? Did I forget my cell phone in the coffee store, or did I not take it with me at all from the top? There is a way to protect them and never lose them!

You can have a SpotyPal attached to your car-keys and if you leave them behind, after a few meters (when the Bluetooth connection lost), your Smartphone will alert you that you are away from them.

The best part is that you can set your Spotypal device to start ringing if you leave your smartphone behind.

In this way, you can keep always your smartphone and any other devices safe.

To do that:

  •   Open the SpotyPal app in your phone
  •   Choose the device you want to have the separation alert
  •   Tap the 3 dot icons on the right top corner
  •   Choose the separation alert and choose the best option for you!
  • Keep always your Smartphone and your stuff safe. Never lose them again. Keep calm and let Spotypal do the rest!