With “Phone alarm” alerts you can send SOS alerts to predefined users in case of an urgent situation! The contacts that you want to alert will receive a pop-up notification with your message and your location while their phone will be ringing loudly! With the “Phone alarm” alerts you are sure that all your close ones will be notified the soonest possible!

To add a new “Phone alarm” contact:

  •   Open the SpotyPal app
  •   Tap the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen
  •   Select the "SOS Contacts" option from the menu
  •   Tap on the "+" button at the top right corner
  •   Select the "Phone alarm" option and press next
  •   For "Email of the recipient" enter the email of the contact that you would like to inform in case of an urgent situation
  •   For "Your name" fill in your name
  •   For "SOS message" type the message you want to send
  • That’s it. Now, wait until the recipient accepts your request. In the SOS contact menu, below the recipient’s email, you can monitor the status of your request:

  •   Pending: the recipient hasn’t accepted or rejected your invitation yet
  •   Verified: the recipient has accepted your invitation and you can send him/her SOS alerts
  •   Rejected: the recipient has rejected your invitation
  • NOTE

    To be able to receive SOS-alerts via “Phone alarm” feature, the recipients have to download the free SpotyPal app and create an account. They are not obliged to own and use SpotyPal devices and do not pay any additional fees.

    Stay safe at any place, any time!