Are you tired of living an unsatisfying life? Have you given up on setting goals, making to-do lists, or dreaming, wishing, and hoping altogether, because you have done these things many times before, but nothing good ever came of them?

Does the following sound too familiar:

I am definitely going to start Monday… Tuesday… Wednesday… next week for sure, after this happens, when I do this, once I… soon as I…

However, when the time comes, you respond with the following:

I can’t do it alone, I need someone to help me, I have to wait until I get more money, I better do this other thing first, I think I should do this instead, I got plenty of time for that, who am I kidding, I would just be wasting my time because it’s never going to happen, I should just forget about it.

Can you see where you went wrong? First, you kept putting it off, and then, when you couldn’t put it off any longer, you talked yourself right out of it.

Now, are you ready to finally get what you want out of life? If so, then you will have to make some serious life changes and upgrades. The only way to get things to work for you is by you working for them to work for you, and when you reach a point that seems like a dead-end use your creativity and judgment to keep going. When it seems there’s no way to get across, that’s when you build a bridge to cross over, break down walls, dig a hole, climb, jump or whatever it takes to get from point A to point B. The only way to get from point A to point B is by continuing down the path that leads to point B and maybe even taking some shortcuts along the way to get there even faster.

Here are the steps to take, follow them and don’t give up until you are there!

7 ways to upgrade your life

1. Exercise your willpower and self-discipline as they go hand in hand

One thing that not too many people realize is that after you turn 18, it is no longer your parent’s job to discipline you; rather it’s now your job. Nothing is harder than self-discipline. Why tell yourself “no” when you can do anything you want right now since there is no one around to stop you? The answer is, “consequences”. Remember, whatever you do in life will result in consequences whether they are good or bad, there is no avoiding them. Use your willpower to stand by your word and you will go far.

2. Refine your goals

There is no limit to what you can get out of life. Reach for the sky and it will meet you halfway. You can’t fail if you continue moving forward since if you keep moving towards something, eventually you will get there. Keep that day in your mind, imagine it, feel it, and soon you will live it. Once you have thought your plans through, think no more because either you can think about it or you can do it. Therefore, don’t think about all the reasons why it can’t happen; or how you will make it happen, just make it happen. Once you achieve one goal, go for another. The possibilities of what you can achieve are endless but doable.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Invest in your Business and Your Life

Too many times people will do things the hard way or not do them at all, just because they are too worried about spending a few dollars to get what they need. Money comes and goes, if it’s going to go anyway, you may as well put it to good use and get something that can benefit you and may help you earn even more.

4. Learn something new every day

It’s great to learn new things, even if it’s something you think you will never use, you might be surprised when it comes up handy. Therefore, find something new to learn each day. You can even learn a new language by learning a handful of words each day.

5. Check at least one thing off your to-do list each day

Setting goals will require making a to-do list that will lead to completing your tasks. Take some time out each day to complete at least one of the things on your list and check it off as done. Each day you will get closer to acquiring what you want to accomplish.

6. Improve your Health with Diet and Exercise

Ah, the dreaded diet and exercise. No lifestyle upgrade would be complete without a good diet and exercise plan. You don’t have to rush to the gym every day or run around the block eight times… just seven will be sufficient. Ok, you don’t even have to run around the block once; just by jogging in place at home will help your body to stay fit and trim. In addition, change your eating habits; too many people are heading toward obesity. Whether you are one of them or not, you still need to eat right to stay healthy.

7. Get on Track with SpotyPal

By all means, don’t waste time or fall behind because you got up late. Get yourself a good tracker, like SpotyPal, to stay on track of things. It only costs a few bucks, but it can save you thousands in the time you spend looking for your keys because you misplaced them or trying to find your phone when the ringer is off. The reason I chose SpotyPal is that it is not just your average tracker as it does so much more than the rest. Not only can you use this cool device as an alarm clock to wake up on time, but you can also use it to find your phone… even if the ringer is off! Not to mention, it can save your life with its panic button function.

To use this feature, record text messages and predefine who they should go to if you should have to press the panic button, then if you ever find yourself in a predicament to where you need to press the panic button, those messages you set, will go out to the people you specified who will also know your location as well.

It also has a “not to forget” list feature that allows you to make a list of the things you don’t want to forget and SpotyPal will remind you so you won’t forget them. SpotyPal is a small device that’s so powerful; it will change your life completely for the better. Go for it, and with SpotyPal there to assist you, you will get it!


When you think about it, life is like a game and you are on a timer. Since you only have so much time before you expire, try to beat the clock. Use time wisely, and get the important things done first or do something that will help make it easier to do the rest in less time. Keep in mind that some things only take a few minutes to get a little bit or can take a few hours to get a big chunk; however, either way, you will still end up with the same amount tomorrow, but you will get what you need to succeed much faster-using SpotyPal.