We all have those crazy days. You get distracted and leave your wallet or keys behind somewhere. Frantically, you search for your essential items, but they’re nowhere to be found. You were convinced you left your keys on the kitchen counter. Mysteriously, they’re no longer there. You’re running late for work, and can’t leave home without your keys, wallet or other important bag items.


Find your 7 BAG ESSENTIALS easily with SpotyPal

Let’s face it! Most of our vital belongings are in our wallets. When we misplace or lose this critical item, we feel helpless, lost…

What to do? You cannot function without any of these critical items. No need to lose your cool, because several SpotyPal devices come to your rescue, solving a myriad of problems you didn’t even realize you had.

1. Wallet finder

Try the efficient wallet finder to keep track of your bag essentials at any time. Place a SpotyPal Bluetooth finder in your wallet, ring the device, and it will beep to let you know where you left your wallet. An added benefit of this device is that you can identify the last location of an item on your phone whenever you realize that an item has gone missing, providing you with a level of security where it is most needed.

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2. Find your car keys

Car keys are a crucial part of our daily life, so when we can’t find them, panic can set in. Problems arise when more than one person uses the same car keys, because everyone tends to put them down in a different place.

Use the SpotyPal key tracker with its Bluetooth tracking feature to find your car keys, no matter where they are. Install the tracking app on your smartphone, call the device, and find your car keys quickly.

3. Locate your phone and charger

Just the thought of losing your phone with all your contact names and numbers, is enough to send a chill up your spine. Rely on SpotyPal to retrieve your smartphone and charger, no matter where you are.

Now, there is no longer a need to worry about losing those precious contact numbers, and comforting photos because activation of your user-friendly SpotyPal will ring your phone even when it is on silent, to let you know where you left your phone and charger.

4. Track your expensive sunglasses

Sunglasses form part of important personal branding, because they reveal an extension of your personality. Besides being great for personal branding, sunglasses are expensive items that you don’t want to lose by leaving them on a table, or at a store. Don’t waste precious time with a frantic search to find your sunglasses; just activate your Bluetooth finder to find your prized accessory, so you can sit back and relax.

5. Beep your house keys

The Bluetooth finder enables multiple users to retrieve vital items, wherever they may be. You can even activate the app on several phones if you share keys, so that no-one in the household ever has to search for them again. Having a multipurpose key tracker feature solves the problem of people placing your house keys in different places, and the best of all, is that anyone who has activated the app on their phone will be able to find them.

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6. Get your memory stick back

Memory fails us all at one point or another, but you can make life so much easier for yourself by getting help in the form of a Bluetooth finder. Stick a SpotyPal to your memory stick for rapid retrieval when you’ve misplaced this item and conveniently call your memory stick’s Bluetooth finder from your smartphone. Finding small items like a memory stick has never been more effective, especially when they are so small that they can be mislaid with a little lapse in concentration.

7. Trace those missing credit cards

Everyone carries credit cards in their wallet, but sometimes a purchase will result in you forgetting your credit card at a store, or on a restaurant table. SpotyPal comes to the rescue if you have taken care to attach a Bluetooth finder to these valuable items. You won’t need to concern yourself with credit card theft if you have a device connected to your credit card, because a smartphone call solves your dilemma.


Get your SpotyPal key tracker today, and maintain convenient tracking of car and house keys. Connect a SpotyPal to other indispensable bag items for peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be able to locate them anywhere. You’ll never want to be without this device again. Having a wallet finder is the solution to always knowing that you can find lost, and misplaced items. In fact, you’ll wonder why you’ve never bought several of these devices before for all your bag essentials, or even as gifts for friends and family members.

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