Bluetooth can be understood as a wireless technology that allows two or more devices to pair and share information. In a Bluetooth system, data is usually transmitted through low-power radio waves. Since it was developed with the aim of allowing mobile devices to connect with computers, the technology has found its way in many different applications. Bluetooth trackers, such as SpotyPal tracking devices, are some of the most common applications of Bluetooth technology. Below is a rundown of some amazing uses of Bluetooth trackers.

Find Lost Wallet and Keys

Losing or misplacing your wallet or keys can really ruin your day. If you have no access to a spare key, you may be forced to call a locksmith, and this will surely cost you a significant amount of time and money. Similarly, losing crucial documents in your wallet can be quite a stressful experience. To avoid such an ordeal, you should add a Bluetooth tracker to your keys and wallet. This will ensure that in case you lose or misplace your items, you can easily establish their last known location. If the items are within range, you just have to launch your Bluetooth app and ring the devices.

Keeping Track of Your Bike

If you just bought a new bike, you definitely do not want to lose track of it. But if you live in a highly populated city, the truth is that there are high chances of losing it. Luckily, with the use of a Bluetooth tracker, you can easily keep track of your precious form of transportation. You just have to add a Bluetooth tracker to the underside of your bicycle’s seat, and by doing so; you will always be able to track its location using your phone’s Bluetooth tracker app.

Keep your Pet In Range

If you have a curious cat or dog, you know that you have to keep a close eye on it. Some pets, particularly puppies, have the habit of bolting in the opposite direction every time they get a chance. Unfortunately, this means that you can easily lose them if you are not careful. However, with a Bluetooth tracker, you can keep your pet constantly in range even in situations where it is not physically next to you. If the pet decides to run, you will get notified immediately he gets out of range. Therefore, by clipping a Bluetooth tracker on your puppy’s collar, you can have peace of mind even if you leave him alone in the backyard.

Find a Misplaced Remote

Losing or misplacing our remote is something we all struggle with. Whether you leave alone or with other people, it is going to happen from time to time. Unfortunately, this usually happens at the worst time. Luckily, with a Bluetooth tracker, you do not have to waste time digging into the couch cushions looking for your remote. You just have to launch your mobile phone’s Bluetooth tracker app and ring the device for you to discover where you placed the remote.

Remember where you Parked your Car

Another relatable application of Bluetooth trackers is when it comes to searching for your car in a parking garage or a parking lot. When there are dozens of cars in a parking garage, locating your car can, at times, be quite a daunting task. However, by installing a Bluetooth tracker in your car, you can save yourself the pain of roaming around the levels of a parking garage trying to locate your car. With this technology, you will be in a position to find your car within seconds.

Track Your Luggage

When you are traveling, losing your luggage has the potential to completely ruin your trip. However, with a Bluetooth tracker, you can easily nip the disaster in the bud. By putting a tracking device in your luggage, you can be notified when your luggage in getting out of range. Besides, if the luggage gets lost, a Bluetooth tracker can enable you to locate it. You could make use of the data obtained from the tracking device to minimize the recovery time or even recover luggage that would otherwise never be found.


Overall, it is apparent that although a lot of people have heard about Bluetooth technology, very few people are aware of its full potential. The creation of Bluetooth trackers is one of the most innovative ways in which Bluetooth technology has been used to solve problems. The trackers can be used to locate small items, such as keys, and even larger ones, such as cars. If you are shopping for the best Bluetooth tracker for whatever application, SpotyPal is an excellent brand to consider. Check our website to see the full range of Bluetooth devices that we offer.