The summer holidays are over and September is here to mark the beginning of a new season. But getting back to a routine can sometimes be more difficult than you think! In this post we are sharing our best tips to help you get organized.

arrow 1. Get everything ready the night before

Do you know the saying “a truly productive morning starts the night before?” Well, it’s true! Instead of leaving everything until the morning, do some preparation the night before. Pick out your outfit, prepare your lunch bag, set up the coffee maker. If you have kids, make sure their stuff will be ready as well. All those little things will help you start your day without rushing and feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

arrow 2. Sleep better!

Getting enough sleep at night is something that will help you be more energetic and more focused the next day. Try to keep a sleep schedule by going to bed the same time every day and make sure your kids stick to a sleep routine as well.

arrow 3. Stay on Schedule

Writing down all the things you have to do in a day or week can make a great difference in being more organized. You can use pen and paper or an app to keep track of your schedule, so you can know at all times what is expected of you, what you need to do or where you need to be.

arrow 4. Take care of yourself

Don’t forget to spend some time on self-care. Allocate a few hours every month to do what you love. See some friends. Go out. All those things are important for your mental health and will help you feel refreshed and ready to tackle your days with more energy!

arrow 5. Keep track of your stuff using an item finder

Last but not least, stop worrying about remembering where you left your keys, your wallet, your bag. Using an item finder, like SpotyPal, will allow you to focus on more important tasks in your day because the device will keep track of everything for you.