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Why SpotyPal

Why should I choose SpotyPal

SpotyPal Other systems
Free mobile application
Wide range device
Replaceable battery
Unlimited items
Two-way finding feature
Crowd-finding functionality
Free Web application
SOS button
Not-to-forget lists
SpotyPal device alarm
Water resistant device
3rd party devices
White (Private) Label

You ask, we answer: SpotyPal vs Tile

Ok, Tile is an exceptional bluetooth tracker device and it’s true to say: Why should I buy SpotyPal? Before we answer this question, let’s see why do you need a smart bluetooth tracker.

Bluetooth trackers help you find your items

Just think how many times you 've lost or misplaced your keys, your wallet or your smartphone.

That's true, you may face this problem 1 time per month or 3 times per day! In any case, bluetooth trackers - just like SpotyPal - help you find your items immediately. So, if you wonder where your keys or phone are located, a bluetooth finder should be your next best friend!

Ok, you got it! Bluetooth trackers should be an indispensable part of your daily life if you cannot set a constant focus on your valuable belongings and stuff. But how will you choose which one is the best for you?

There is a bunch of Bluetooth trackers on the market and it is really hard to distinguish the best one, as the most of them have similar features and vary just in shape, graphics and sizes. In addition, you may already are aware of some of the most well-known smart tracker devices, like Tile which is one of the best bluetooth trackers available globally!

So, we know that your next question is why choose SpotyPal as your daily personal assistant and not another well known and well established bluetooth tracker? Just stick with us and we are going to show you why SpotyPal should be your next very best friend!

SpotyPal vs Tile Comparison Chart

In the following chart, you can compare all device features:

  SpotyPal Tile Style
Range Up to 200 ft Up to 200 ft
Alarm Sound 98 db 98 db
Size 36mm X 36mm X 5,8mm 37.5mm X 37.5mm X 5.9mm
Weight 10 gr 11 gr
Water resistance Water resistant Waterproof
Battery Life 1 year 1 year
Battery Replaceable Non-replaceable.
The device has to be replaced
Price for 1 device $29 $35

So, which are the key factors to consider before choosing a bluetooth tracker?

 Water resistance

Tile's device is waterproof, whereas SpotyPal's is water resistant and shouldn't be submerged in water.


SpotyPal's device has a LED making it easier to spot in the dark. Tile’s trackers offer no lights.

 Battery / Battery Life

SpotyPal’s tracker has a replaceable battery. Tile’s tracker does not, and you will need to buy a new device after a year. So, SpotyPal device is a good alternative for those who are looking for something with a replaceable battery and want to save the cost and troubles. SpotyPal's battery is of a common type, lasts approximately 1 year and can be easily replaced at a minimal cost. The SpotyPal app notifies users about the battery level and shows a warning when it is low.

 Alarm Sound

Both seem to have a similar level of the alarm sound, but Tile’s melody sounds too soft in comparison with SpotyPal’s penetrating alarm, which is heard even from a long distance.

 Range, Size, Weight

Both devices are almost similar when it comes to the range, size, and weight. The range is a very important criterion and 200 ft is the longest Bluetooth range similar Bluetooth trackers, incorporating Bluetooth LE 4.+, can support.

 Price for 1 device

Looking at the prices, one SpotyPal device costs $5 less in comparison to Tile. Also, assuming the cost for the next years of usage, contrary to Tile’s tracker, which must be re-tiled every year, SpotyPal’s device doesn’t have to be replaced thanks to its replaceable battery.

Upgrade to SpotyPal

SpotyPal is your personal assistant to protect yourself and keep secure your valuable items

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In the following chart, you can compare all application features:

  SpotyPal Tile Style
Find Item
Find Phone
Free mobile app
Free web app
Separation alert from phone
Separation alert from device
Not-to-forget list
Alarm from device
Support of 3rd party devices
Warranty 1 year from the 1st activation 1 year

Both companies have stable applications, which work on both Apple iOs and Android devices and have no connectivity issues.

When it comes to the available app features, SpotyPal is the dominant device.

SpotyPal and Tile work both ways — you can use the app on your phone to trigger an alert so as to find your belongings or you can use a button on the device to trigger an alert on your phone, even on silent. In case the device is out of range, the app will show the last position on the map so as to provide the best possible location for the lost stuff. Finally, the user can report record a lost item on the system and if any user will come near it, he will be immediately notified of the lost item’s location.

But SpotyPal is not only the above!

There are many extra features which can be really helpful:

  Not-to-forget (NtF) lists is the first one. In SpotyPal, users can create item lists and check if they have left any item of the list behind. The Not-to-forget (NtF) lists functionality can be used in many cases. For example, it could be an ideal solution for valuable belongings and expensive equipment we should remember to carry with us in case of business trips or holiday travelling. Another case could be to check the people who are missing from an event or meeting in case their proof of presence is necessary.

  To add more, an extra functionality, called Separation alert, ensures that users will not leave their items or phone behind. Whenever the connection between the SpotyPal tracker and the smartphone is lost, the smartphone will ring to let you know that you have left an item behind. Vice Versa, in case of a forgotten smartphone, the SpotyPal device will beep sharply so as to notify that the smartphone is left behind.

  For those who need a personal alarm but prefer not to use their smartphone for this purpose, there is a SpotyPal device alarm functionality. The users just need to activate the Alarm in the SpotyPal app and the device will ring and wake them up.

  Finally, there is the possibility of sending real-time SOS-alerts including user's GPS position from the tracker device. When facing an urgent or dangerous situation and if there is no time or capability to use the smartphone, all that the users need to do is simply press the button of the SpotyPal device, and the system will instantly trigger a SOS alert to inform the predefined users of the urgent situation.


To sum up, Tile is for sure one of the most well known trackers on the market thanks to a powerful app and a bluetooth tracker which bears many smart features. However, the decision about which tracker you should choose has to be in conjuction with the quality, the cost, and the functionality of each product. Tile’s tracker lasts for only one year whereas SpotyPal tracker has a replaceable battery, meaning that the overall cost of your investment will be much lower in terms of flexibility and future use. Getting in mind that the technical specifications of both devices are close to each other, SpotyPal outweighs Tile system thanks to some extra features and functionality that Tile device does not include at the moment.

Comparison date: 20-02-2018


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