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User Guide


1. Install the App

Download the SpotyPal Application from App Store or Play Store and install it on your smartphone.


2. Enable Bluetooth and Location

Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone to communicate with the device.

Turn on Location services to have most up-to-date information about your device location.

3. Sign Up / Log In

Sign Up or Log in to your account.


4. Connect and activate your device

  •  Open the App
  •  Tap on the Black circle at the bottom right corner
  •  Tap on "+" (Add) button
  •  Hold the device close to your phone and press the button on the device until you hear beep and the LED starts flashing
  •  Click on the icon of the device
  •  Once the connection is established, enter the device name and choose the suitable category
  •  Wait for the activation
  •  The device will appear in the list of devices

5. Attach your device

Attach your device to the item you want to track


6. Keep your device and app connected

Leave the app running in the background to keep communication with your device

Main features

Find your item

Just launch the app and ring the attached device to locate the item quickly.

Find your phone

Ring your phone with the device, even on silent.

Last seen location

If the item is out of range, see on a map where you last had it.

Separation alert

Get notified when you're about to leave your item or phone behind.

Not-to-forget lists

Create lists with items and check if you have left something behind.


If your item is completely lost and the attached device is out of range, report it to our Finding Community to help you find it.

SOS alerts

In case of danger, press the button on your device to send an SOS alert with your GPS position to predefined users.

Use and Care

  • The device is rated to be splash proof only. Do not immerse the device in water to avoid irreparable damage.
  • Exposure to extreme cold or hot temperatures can affect its performance.
  • Please keep the device out of reach of young children and pets. It contains small parts and presents a choking hazard.

Know your device

know your device

Change battery

  • 1) Open the device from the notch on the side with the opener triangle plastic piece.
  • 2) Replace the old battery with the new one. The battery type is CR2032.
  • 3) After putting the cover back, press the button to connect to your phone again.

Battery safety

  • Dangerous to life. Keep batteries out of the reach of pets and children. If swallowed, seek medical help immediatel.
  • Fire hazard. Do not short-circuit batteries. Batteries may overheat or explode.
  • Do not expose batteries to water or fire. Do not attempt to charge not-rechargeable batteries. The batteries may explode.

Disposal and Recycling

  • The packaging is made of eco-friendly, recyclable materials.
  • Batteries contain toxic substances that must be treated separately from domestic waste.
  • The device has to be disposed separately from ordinary household waste at the end of its life.
  • We suggest contacting your local waste administration regarding the appropriate way of disposal and recycling so as to help conserve natural resources.


The device has been manufactured and thoroughly tested to meet strict quality standards. The warranty covers defects in materials and manufacturing process.

For more details, visit SpotyPal Warranty.

SpotyPal User Guide Version 18.1


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