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Main functionalities


Send SOS message with your location

What if you are in danger and can’t use your mobile phone?
Just press button on your SpotyPal device and predefined persons will immediately receive a SOS message from SpotyPal indicating your location.
Perfect protection for kids and elderly people!.

Locate lost items

Ready to leave home and can’t find your keys, wallet, bag or umbrella? Don't remember where you left your car or bike? Can't locate your remote control, headphones or tablet?
Just launch SpotyPal app, see the last place you had your item and press “Ring” button. The attached SpotyPal device will ring so as to locate it quickly.

Locate misplaced smartphone

Can’t find your smartphone?
Just press the button on your SpotyPal device to ring your phone, even if it’s on silent mode.

Stop leaving valuable things behind

Concerned not to leave valuable items behind?
Create lists with things you don’t want to forget and leave SpotyPal show you if you have left something behind.
Perfect for professional equipment, devices and luggage!

Get separation alerts

Separation alert ensures that users will not leave their items or phone behind. Whenever the connection between the SpotyPal device and the smartphone is lost, the smartphone will let you know that you have left an item behind. Vice Versa, in case of a forgotten smartphone, the SpotyPal device will beep sharply so as to notify that the smartphone is left behind.

SpotyPal device alarm

Activate the Alarm in the App and let the device wake you up. No need to keep your phone next to you anymore.

Secure your pet

Your pet is your invaluable friend. Secure it with SpotyPal and eliminate the danger of loss.

Make crowd search for your lost item or pet

If you have lost your item or pet, report it and the SpotyPal community will help you find it. Absolutely anonymously and with respect to users’ privacy.
When any user of SpotyPal will pass near your lost thing or pet, you will be immediately notified of its location.

New features of SpotyPal

Nearby alert

When your SpotyPal device is out of range, you can set the app to notify you when the SpotyPal is nearby you again.

Separation Notifications or Sound alert

A new great feature for the Separation alert. It is now possible to choose the most convenient way for you to get notified on your smartphone about the forgotten SpotyPal device: notification or sound alert!

Disable button click

You can deactivate the button in case it is not applicable to your way of use (example: your wallet).



SpotyPal Application

  • Free mobile (Android 4.3+, iOS 9+) and web applications
  • SOS-button: press the button to send SOS alert with your location to predefined persons
  • Two-way finding feature: find lost item/find lost smartphone
  • Track location on map (place on map or place where the connection was lost)
  • Separation alert (on both device and smartphone)
  • Not-to-forget lists: create lists of items you don't want to leave behind (perfect for professional equipment and expensive devices); organize groups of people, that their proof of presence is needed. See who is missing! (perfect solution for schools and excursions)
  • Crowd-finding: SpotyPal community helps in finding lost items and pets
  • SpotyPal device alarm: activate the Alarm in the App and let the SpotyPal device wake you up
  • Unlimited devices for one account
  • Support of 3rd party devices
  • Based on Zastel, a smart IoT platform

SpotyPal device

  • Size: 36mm X 36mm X 5,8mm
  • Weight: 10gr (including the battery)
  • Water resistant
  • LED
  • Loud alarm: 98db+
  • Replaceable battery
  • Battery life: 12 months+
  • Battery type: CR2032
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0+
  • Range: 70m in open space, obstacles may affect the range

Know your device

know your device

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