SpotyPal is the perfect corporate gift!

A corporate gift strategy has significant ROI. It makes the recipient feel appreciated and valued. They will also want to reciprocate the gesture. In the United States, business gift-giving [...]

SpotyPal SDK – Use SpotyPal in your own solution

SpotyPal device makes it easy to find misplaced items. The SpotyPal SDK allows you to create the app needed to operate it to enhance its functionality. Software development [...]

Tech Gadgets that make our daily life easier

Technology is an integral component of our daily lives. We all use several different tech devices every day to solve different problems, and it is sometimes difficult for us [...]

7 useful tips to Stop Forgetting Things

Forgetting is a natural process in which old information in the brain is replaced with new information that the brain considers more useful. Unfortunately, in some cases, the information [...]

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